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How to Host Successful 1:1 Sessions

How to Host Successful 1:1 Sessions

This short episode is my thoughts on how to host successful 1:1 sessions

Here are the highlights:

What to do before the call [2.22]

Creating an application for the call [3.50]

What to do when they don’t seem like your ideal client [5.00]

What I talk about in my discovery calls [5.40]

What to do when they seem uncertain on the call [8.15]

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10 Tips for Launching Your Group Program

10 Tips for Launching Your Group Program

This episode aims to provide tips for your next or first group coaching program launch. Let’s dive into the highlights!

Group programs are easier to scale and it’s easier to make a greater difference as you can impact more people.

Work backwards

What is your end goal? For example ‘launch SOCA’. Then move to the next details; e.g. when will you launch, how will you launch, and how will you make this program happen. My favorite ways to launch include: 5 day FREE challenge in the lead up to the launch and a webinar. Choose what works for you and have a try of a few different method to see what works best.

Plan your launch out at least a month ahead

If it is your first launch, or you take longer to do tech set-ups, consider going two months out. The best launches come from preparation and breathing room.

Document everything you do

Write it on paper or create a workflow in Asana. You will also be able to go back for future launches to see what worked and what didn’t. This will also help make sure you don’t miss anything.

Do all the tech stuff before the creative process

By doing this you are able to reduce the tasks that’ aren’t done yet’ and your creativity can flow much better. Even if it is just the backbone tasks. E.g. create the set up of the email automation > write the email > add the content to the emails that have been set up. Remember that you don’t have to do everything at once.

Do not create your course before your launch

Do you want to create a program that you are unsure of if people will buy? By launching your course first this will give you motivation to create the content. You can create the module titles, but not the actual content.

Check in with yourself

Allow yourself to feel deserving of the results you can achieve. Your job is to make your potential clients believe that you can help them. If you feel uncertain, so will they.

Embrace the nerves and transform it into something positive

It is so amazing that we are able to serve the people that show up to learn from us. Why would you create a negative ending to something that hasn’t happened yet?

Know how your dream students want to learn and have success

For example, I use to get frustrated in programs that were video heavy as I wasn’t able to finish the programs, so I made my course into bite-size workbooks with step by step exercises to get the results they are craving

Don’t discount a small list

You don’t need thousands of people to launch your program, you just need people who are interested. Warm up the people you do have on your list to gain information to see if people are interested.


You don’t have to do anything gigantic. Just do something different. Don’t ever discount your launch if you didn’t reach your goal… take it as the clients you do have are there for a reason and that is something to celebrate.

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What are Your Best Discovery Call Tips?

What are Your Best Discovery Call Tips?

This is an ‘ask Lindsay’ episode and I am sharing my thoughts on the question, “What’s the best tip you have for discovery calls?”

  • Let’s dig into the highlights!

  • Think about a time you said, “yes!” to an investment. What happened, that helped you say, “yes?” [2.30]

  • Relate to their story; their struggles, and their pain points [3.30]

  • Show them that there is a way to overcome what they are going through and show them how you can help them overcome through the strategies you have learned [4.00]

  • Help overcome objections they may have. For example, money is always a hurdle for them to overcome so you could over a 12 month payment plan [4.45]

  • Treat them like you would treat your best friend asking for help [8.10]

  • People are on a discovery call because they want to learn and are interested in finding out more about how you can help them [8.15]

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Favorite Apps for Business

Favorite Apps for Business

Today’s episode is me sharing my favorite apps for business! Let’s dig into the highlights:

  • Asana for project management, client communication and workflows [2.10]

  • Google Suite [3.18]

  • SetMore for client meeting scheduling [4.18]

  • Later for Instagram scheduling [4.52]

  • LastPass for sharing passwords [5.00]

  • Zoom for client calls and group call [5.10]

  • Storeo to cut up Instagram stories [5.20]

  • Canva for graphics, I mainly use the desktop version though [5.40]

  • Color Story for filters and editing [5.44]

  • Voxer for communication [6.12]

  • Unfold for designing Instagram stories [6.14]

  • Teachable for course check in [6.27]

  • Dropbox for client call recordings storage [6.35]

  • Whatsapp for communication [6.40]

  • Facebook Ads Manager [6.45]

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Do you Plan Out Your Social Media?

Do you Plan Out Your Social Media?

In this episode of ‘Ask Lindsay,’ I’m answering the question: Do you plan out your social media ahead of time?

Let’s dig into the highlights:

my story and what my scheduling looks like. At the moment I have 2 weeks scheduled for 2 posts a day [2.20]

How I plan for different platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram [3.20]

The platform I use and a sneak peak into my workflow and strategy [4.00]

The benefits of scheduling [7.10]

Create a library of content as you go or when a thought comes to you so that when it comes time to schedule you don’t face writers block [7.35]

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Is Blogging Dead?

Is Blogging Dead?

I’m approaching this bold question in today’s short podcast episode. Let’s dig into the highlights:

  • My journey [2.05]

  • Personally, in the space I am in, I found people were promoting podcasts they were listening to rather than a blog they were reading [4.35]

  • Consider what you are passionate about and how you like to deliver content. Brainstorm a way you can provide value to your audience in a way that isn’t draining for you. If blogging is working for you, keep doing it… if not, maybe it’s time to pivot. [6.15]

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How to Give Value to Your Audience

How to Give Value to Your Audience

This episode is all about how to give value to your audience. Take notes and let’s dig into the highlights!

Know their pain points

Write down all the pain points your ideal clients would be experiencing. Often they will be pain points you have experienced previously.

Give them something that can address a pain point they have

Whether it’s a freebie in a blog post or a freebie mentioned in a podcast… this freebie should enable them to easily implement a quick tip or something that can help solve that pain point and enable them to feel like they have achieved something.

For example; when I first started I wanted to know the tools people were using for their business; so I created a freebie that lists the tools I use to run my business so I can help address a pain point I once had.

Be consistent on social media

Live videos and Instagram stories are a great way to show up for people in a way that they can see and hear you. By speaking to them directly you are able to create connection. People have so many things to read today, so by going above just the standard Instagram caption; you are able to connect deeper to potential clients.

Create a Facebook group

What’s the most valuable thing you can give to your audience to grow your know, like and trust factor? People can relate to the before and you are their after. I decided to create a Facebook group that was something I wanted to be apart of. I didn’t want it to be a place where I just scheduled out posts like I’ve seen in other groups. By having a Facebook group you are able to host a space for your dream clients and provide them with as much value as possible.

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How Do You Price Your VIP Program?

How Do You Price Your VIP Program?

Today’s question for this episode comes from Emma: “How do you price your VIP program? I seem to get hung up on this, I don’t want to charge too much and scare people away but on the other hand I know I still need to value my time.”

Here’s my thoughts! Let’s dig into the highlights

  • Say your price out-loud with confidence. Do this each quarter to see if you need to change your pricing [2.30]

  • Consider how much you need to charge to accommodate for the amount of clients you can take on. [3.44]

  • I suggest not to go lower than $2000 for a VIP experience [4.10]

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Things You Need On Your Website So You Can Book Clients

Things You Need On Your Website So You Can Book Clients

If you're feeling really overwhelmed with what you actually need on your website, listen to this 5 minute episode!

These tips will help you create a website that leads your dream clients into a great experience! Let’s dig into the highlights:

  • Simplicity [2.21]

  • Work with me page [2.44]

  • Free samples [3.45]

  • Content [3.33]

  • One signature program you can launch a few times a year [4.02]

  • A way to connect with you [5.35]

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Let Your Success Happen Organically

Let Your Success Happen Organically

If you're feeling really overwhelmed with how fast your business is growing, take a listen to this episode!

These steps will help your business grow, guaranteed. No money necessary! Let’s dig into the highlights:

Don't skip the important things

Having the important things such as website, niche, social media platforms, products/packages are foundational to our business. Often we want to skip these aspects so we can work with clients, however by doing this we aren’t prepared to work with dream clients if we skip these foundational tasks. When you are just starting, don’t look at the numbers, just get it set up.

Don't compare yourself

You can get inspiration from others, but don’t compare yourself and knock yourself down. Your business should feel like you and not someone else’s. Your schedule should suit your lifestyle not someone else’s. We are often so hard on ourselves and look for validation in comparison. Instead of comparison being a negative thing, turn it to a positive. For example, if you are jealous of another coach, turn it into a positive phrase such as, “that’s so awesome that she charges that much, I can’t wait to get to that point in my business.”

Stay focused

It can be so hard not to have a billion tabs open in your computer. Imagine how much more focused we could be if we had a system where we work on particular tasks on our business. By creating theme days we can reduce the overwhelm and instead focus more strictly on one task. Instead of having a giant task list in your day, spread it out throughout the week. I also find that focus music from Youtube is helpful for me to get into a focused mindset.

Choose someone you look up to and want to learn from

Everyone has different methods of teaching and I find that when people invest in multiple sources for education, it is difficult to focus and gain clarity. I suggest choosing one role model that you admire and look up to and choose to just learn from them. Content overload won’t serve your success.

Don't be your own worst enemy/boss

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed, stressed out and resenting your business? Take a look at how you are spending your time. Are you working too much? Take a step back and take some time off to gain a better perspective and fresh brain. Is what you are doing aligned with your vision? If something isn’t working eliminate it or adjust it.

Be the CEO you want to be NOW

Don’t put things off until you feel you have “deserved” it. If you feel called to have a brand photo shoot, go do it, you don’t have to wait. How will you up level yourself and what can you do differently to make your brain feel refreshed from something new and different. How can you be the best boss to yourself? This will help create the reality of what you are dreaming of now. Some examples of treating yourself may include: treating yourself to something special after a new launch like taking a nap, buying a new desk, or buying a present for yourself.

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Are You Good Enough to Call Yourself a Coach?

Are You Good Enough to Call Yourself a Coach?

Do you sometimes suffer from imposter syndrome and find yourself asking questions like, “Who am I to coach others? Who am I to even call myself a coach?” I know exactly how this feels and I want to talk you through this, so I can give you the confidence and clarity you need to go out and serve the people you feel called to serve! Here are the highlights:

Own it

Change your profile right now to say you’re a coach and what type of coach you are. If you struggle to think of what you’re niche is, here are some questions to help:

-What could you talk about for hours?

-What do people ask you advice for?

If you doubt yourself, so will your clients

No one will ever believe you can help them if you don’t believe you can help them. Change your mindset to think “This is going to be the best call ever and I’m going to help them get to where they want to be.”

The creation process takes time. Don’t let doubt rule your decisions. Look ahead. Don’t waste your time playing the comparison game.

Play on your strengths

For example, one of my students is a novel writing coach, and I could never do that. I’m going to use my skills, experience and history to take people on a journey that I can take them on. You have something in you that this world needs and by playing to your strengths you will be able to build a strong business.

Let’s take your negative thoughts, put them in a bubble, pop it and move on

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

You have amazing gifts, someone is waiting for you specific help and there will never be too many coaches in the world.

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How to Market Your Coaching Business Without Spending Money on Ads!

How to Market Your Coaching Business Without Spending Money on Ads!

Did you know you don't have to spend a ton of money on ads to grow your business?

On this episode I'm going to share with you my favorite ways to market my business organically (aka for free!). These are strategies that I use in my business right now and what I teach my students and clients, so you're in for a real treat! Here are the highlights:

Optimize your website to grow your list

You are more advanced than your ideal client. As you design your website, think about it from a client perspective. It’s important that we take our site visitors on a journey and do our best to turn them into subscribers. A few challenges and tips to help you: have an announcement bar at the top of your website (I use Squarespace as my website host), have a bold statement that speaks directly to your ideal client, have at least three call to action buttons before your client as to scroll all the way to the bottom of your homepage and have a navigation bar that uses words which are easy to understand.


The internet is a big space. In this day and age we are lacking community and if we are not directed toward a small community like a Facebook group rather than an Instagram post we can feel lost. Starting a Facebook group was key in my business and I treat it like a ‘home.’ I don’t have scheduled posts, I have valued friendships and community that enables me to show up when I can and give as much value to my group. Interested in joining? I’d love to invite you over to my Facebook group so you can see an example of how I use Facebook groups for my business

Provide value

Two key ways you can provide value: blogging and podcasting. Start thinking about the way your audience likes to consume the value you can offer, and also the way that you enjoy creating valuable content. If something isn’t working, you can always change it up. Allow people to trust you with the valuable content you can provide them.


Pinterest can increase your monthly views and increase traffic to your website. Pinterest can also help you generate ideas and inspiration for creating valuable content for your ideal clients. Having an optimized business account will help guide your ideal clients into the next step of the client journey. Need an example? Browse through my Pinterest account for an example of how to optimize your account. I use tailwind as a way of putting this Pinterest on automation


There are some small and easy tweaks you can make to your account to optimize it as much as possible to increase your traffic. For example your URL, Instagram bio account and Instagram name. Here is my account if you need some inspiration. Beyond that you can start thinking about ways to put a call to action in your posts and foster community by replying to the comments on your post. Be consistent in your Instagram stories to invite people into your life and allow people to have a sneak peak into your life and market what you do (for free!).

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7 ways you can book your dream clients

In this episode I give you 7 ways you can book your dream clients.

Listen closely, take notes, and do one thing at a time!

7 ways you can book your dream clients

Let’s dig straight into this week’s podcast episode where I share 7 ways you can book your dream clients. These are ways I use myself and share with my clients… the only way to make these really work is take action and implement them, let’s do this! Here are the highlights:

Create freebies that draw in your dream clients

I have so many freebies that help build my list, however a lot of them actually don’t draw my dream client. If we have one ideal client on our mind all the time when we create our freebies, it will benefit them and therefore draw them to taking action. If you create curiosity with your freebies, it will make it easier to serve them through your paid offerings.

Be prepared to enroll your dream clients

Have everything ready for your client. From the welcome email, to the payment systems to the on-boarding workflow. When you have a system it can allow your dream client to feel welcomed and valued.

Create a community where your dream clients can be with you

At the beginning, I didn’t feel comfortable in Facebook groups, however now I understand just how powerful they are. In my facebook group it is like a group of friends and that is what it’s meant to be like, I would encourage you to create one for your own business.

Speak the language of your dream clients

Whether it’s your website, emails or social media channels, it’s important that people feel a connection to you, which leads into trusting you. We are here to change lives and empower others and the best way we can do this is let me know they are not alone.

Give a tonne of value all the time

You are never giving too much free information. You don’t have to hold back on generosity. The important thing to learn is that you are teaching people what they need to do and why they need to do it in your freebies, and then the ‘how’ is in your offerings.

Always make people feel like they are being taken care of

From the first day a dream client comes in contact with you, until the last day, they should feel like you are just as present. Your clients will go through times of stress and confusion, your job is to be their for them through that process. This may look like check ins or 1:1’s you can integrate into your programs.

Create a VIP program that they can’t say no to

For me, I would live on someone's sales page, until I was ready to take the step and book a discovery call with them. When you look at your sales page are you speaking their language? Can your ideal client identify and relate to what you’re saying? Here is an example of my sales page

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5 Mistakes I Made When I Started My Coaching Business

Today I'm sharing 5 mistakes that I made when I started my coaching business.

5 Mistakes I Made When I Started My Coaching Business

In this episode I share 5 mistakes I made when starting my coaching business. I am sharing these because I don’t want you to make them either! I don’t want these to hold you back, like they did for me, I want you to grow simply and strongly. Here are the episode highlights:

I wasn’t screening my discovery calls

For years, I gave people full access to my calendar… they got to choose what time and what day, I go more in depth with this in episode 1. As I continued my coaching business I also found that there are some people who admire you and they just want to talk to you to ‘pick your brain.’ So what do you when a potential client doesn’t seem like they are willing to invest? I don’t forget about them or delete their email, I serve them with some free resources I have in my business or options for next steps, and I find that as people are served in this way, later on down the track when they are ready to invest, to have a discovery call and become a client.

I didn’t have a well developed sales page

When I first started I didn’t even have a proper sales page to work with me 1:1 (woops!) It is so important to have a sales page that is more than a paragraph of information. It should reflect the care and attention you put into your dream clients.

I didn’t have boundaries around my calendar

If people want to work with you, they will find a way to fit into your schedule. Don’t fear that you will lose clients because of having boundaries, in fact I have found that creating boundaries around my time allows me to serve my clients and potential clients better.

I didn’t have an effective organic marketing strategy in place

I would schedule a blog post, hope that it would go viral and then everything will work (anyone else been there… or are currently there?!). Organic marketing is growing your list and following for free. It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, an organic marketing strategy will save you big time!

I was trying to do #allthethings

I would always roll my eyes when people said I had to hire help. Then I started to find that there was so much value in hiring people and in return I got more time. I decided to create a list of everything I do in my business, large tasks and small tasks, and then I asked myself how much I liked doing that particular task and what my return would be if I hired someone else to do it. Remember: you can always make more money, you can’t make more time.

Want to know 10 ways you can book your dream clients?

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