How to Give Value to Your Audience

How to Give Value to Your Audience

This episode is all about how to give value to your audience. Take notes and let’s dig into the highlights!

Know their pain points

Write down all the pain points your ideal clients would be experiencing. Often they will be pain points you have experienced previously.

Give them something that can address a pain point they have

Whether it’s a freebie in a blog post or a freebie mentioned in a podcast… this freebie should enable them to easily implement a quick tip or something that can help solve that pain point and enable them to feel like they have achieved something.

For example; when I first started I wanted to know the tools people were using for their business; so I created a freebie that lists the tools I use to run my business so I can help address a pain point I once had.

Be consistent on social media

Live videos and Instagram stories are a great way to show up for people in a way that they can see and hear you. By speaking to them directly you are able to create connection. People have so many things to read today, so by going above just the standard Instagram caption; you are able to connect deeper to potential clients.

Create a Facebook group

What’s the most valuable thing you can give to your audience to grow your know, like and trust factor? People can relate to the before and you are their after. I decided to create a Facebook group that was something I wanted to be apart of. I didn’t want it to be a place where I just scheduled out posts like I’ve seen in other groups. By having a Facebook group you are able to host a space for your dream clients and provide them with as much value as possible.

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