I help visionary coaches create and scale their business with simplicity.

Hi, I’m Lindsay!

I want you to know something right away. I get you.

I get that you have this calling to serve others and literally just want to help people.

I get that one of your most favorite things to do is to sit in front of your computer and create, learn, and soak up as much information as possible. #myhappyplace

I also know that this lifestyle can be a a bit lonely and frankly, unfulfilling, if you’re not working with your dream clients and students.

When I first started my coaching business, I was constantly comparing myself to others and always wondering why things weren’t happening for me. From the surface, I was doing everything that “she” was doing and for the life of me, couldn’t fathom why nothing seemed to be working. These repetitive, negative thoughts, kept playing over and over in my head, “Why can’t I book clients? Why can’t I have a successful launch? How hard is it to get a discovery call!? Am I boring?” #selfsabotage


And then I figured it out. The secret sauce to a successful coaching business.

And it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. I bet you’ll be surprised to know the ingredients:

Work less on your business and more on yourself

Simplify your business model (no more throwing spaghetti at the wall, just to see what sticks)

Find a coach who you love and aspire to be someday and become their best student/client

Notice I didn’t mention anything about working more (I have 3 kids and that just isn’t in the cards) and I didn’t mention anything about creating more products. It’s the complete opposite, which was so hard for me to get a grasp on right away.

I was raised to think that if you wanted to be a successful person, you had to work really hard, be away from your family because you were busy working, and then you can finally enjoy your life when you’re 65 when you retire.

I refuse to think that any of that applies to me. When I made the decision to design my own life and business on my terms and erase everything I’ve learned that wasn’t serving me, my business exploded.

And that’s what I want for you. The life and business that you don’t think you can have yet, because you don’t think you have it all together. I want to show you that you have everything you need (you always have) and I want to remind you how absolutely incredible you are.

It’s such a blessing to work with coaches, the most giving and loving entrepreneurs in my opinion, and I look forward to working with you too!


By the way, I’m totally invested in you

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on amazing coaches, mentors, and programs, so you can be sure that you will be trained with the most incredible and up to date knowledge that I’ve gained through the years from the best of the best!

Coaching Programs and Courses:

Marisa Peer-Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner mentorship program

James Wedmore-Business by Design

James Wedmore-Business by Design Next Level (12 month mentorship)

Pay Flynn-Power-Up Podcasting

Mariah Coz (Femtrepreneur)-Accelerator (12 month program)

Mariah Coz (Femtrepreneur)-Launch Your Signature Course

Marketing Solved-Social Media Ad Lab

Rachel McMichael-(McMichael Consulting) 4 month Coaching program

Rachel McMichael-(McMichael Consulting) Get Found: FB Ads Academy

Rachel McMichael-(McMichael Consulting) Get Booked: Sales Funnel Academy

Rachel McMichael-(McMichael Consulting) Get Pinned: Pinterest Academy

Rachel McMichael & Noor Hibbert-Launch It!

Angel Quintana (Holistic Fashionista)-Signature System 4 month coaching program

Kelly Roach (Kelly Roach Coaching)-Zero to 1K Blueprint

I want the best for you and that’s why I’ve learned from the best of the best. I also want you to be happy with your business. Let me help you get there.