What are Your Best Discovery Call Tips?

What are Your Best Discovery Call Tips?

This is an ‘ask Lindsay’ episode and I am sharing my thoughts on the question, “What’s the best tip you have for discovery calls?”

  • Let’s dig into the highlights!

  • Think about a time you said, “yes!” to an investment. What happened, that helped you say, “yes?” [2.30]

  • Relate to their story; their struggles, and their pain points [3.30]

  • Show them that there is a way to overcome what they are going through and show them how you can help them overcome through the strategies you have learned [4.00]

  • Help overcome objections they may have. For example, money is always a hurdle for them to overcome so you could over a 12 month payment plan [4.45]

  • Treat them like you would treat your best friend asking for help [8.10]

  • People are on a discovery call because they want to learn and are interested in finding out more about how you can help them [8.15]

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