10 Tips for Launching Your Group Program

10 Tips for Launching Your Group Program

This episode aims to provide tips for your next or first group coaching program launch. Let’s dive into the highlights!

Group programs are easier to scale and it’s easier to make a greater difference as you can impact more people.

Work backwards

What is your end goal? For example ‘launch SOCA’. Then move to the next details; e.g. when will you launch, how will you launch, and how will you make this program happen. My favorite ways to launch include: 5 day FREE challenge in the lead up to the launch and a webinar. Choose what works for you and have a try of a few different method to see what works best.

Plan your launch out at least a month ahead

If it is your first launch, or you take longer to do tech set-ups, consider going two months out. The best launches come from preparation and breathing room.

Document everything you do

Write it on paper or create a workflow in Asana. You will also be able to go back for future launches to see what worked and what didn’t. This will also help make sure you don’t miss anything.

Do all the tech stuff before the creative process

By doing this you are able to reduce the tasks that’ aren’t done yet’ and your creativity can flow much better. Even if it is just the backbone tasks. E.g. create the set up of the email automation > write the email > add the content to the emails that have been set up. Remember that you don’t have to do everything at once.

Do not create your course before your launch

Do you want to create a program that you are unsure of if people will buy? By launching your course first this will give you motivation to create the content. You can create the module titles, but not the actual content.

Check in with yourself

Allow yourself to feel deserving of the results you can achieve. Your job is to make your potential clients believe that you can help them. If you feel uncertain, so will they.

Embrace the nerves and transform it into something positive

It is so amazing that we are able to serve the people that show up to learn from us. Why would you create a negative ending to something that hasn’t happened yet?

Know how your dream students want to learn and have success

For example, I use to get frustrated in programs that were video heavy as I wasn’t able to finish the programs, so I made my course into bite-size workbooks with step by step exercises to get the results they are craving

Don’t discount a small list

You don’t need thousands of people to launch your program, you just need people who are interested. Warm up the people you do have on your list to gain information to see if people are interested.


You don’t have to do anything gigantic. Just do something different. Don’t ever discount your launch if you didn’t reach your goal… take it as the clients you do have are there for a reason and that is something to celebrate.

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