Why Didn't My Launch Go Well?

Why Didn't My Launch Go Well?

This ‘Ask Lindsay’ episode is my thoughts on a question I was asked, “Why didn’t my launch go well?” Let’s dig into the highlights

The biggest mistake you made [2.00]

Don’t make your program before you start selling, this way you don’t spend lots of time and energy into something that may not sell [2.22]

The exact method I use for creating and launching a course that will save you time [2.55]

Taking action is amazing, we can’t be hard on ourselves [3.50]

Let go of your number goal right before your launch. It’s important to have one, but don’t become obsessed with it [4.36]

Keep doing what you feel called to do. It will come together if your heart is to help people. [5.00]

Be grateful for any result you have [6.00]

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