5 Things I Do Daily to Grow my Coaching Business

5 Things I Do Daily to Grow my Coaching Business

In this episode I share 5 things I do daily to grow my coaching business. Let’s dig into the highlights!

I help my students and my clients

This is a priority. Before I check my email or anything, I check my Facebook group of students. I don’t have set hours. I go in and see how I can give feedback, who needs help, what win can I celebrate with me. If it is something that is a detailed question, I will often go live to respond.

I write down my goals

A lot of times, this often doesn’t seem like a fun task, but it is so helpful. Most of the time my goals for the day are ‘to-dos.’ I use to beat myself when I didn’t get everything done, however it is okay if you have to bring things over to the next day.

Write down action steps I need to do

Having workflows in your business is super helpful. Here is a freebie vault to go into more depth of my workflows. Sometimes we don’t realize how important this is, by breaking down our goals, this will enable us to be realistic with our time and see the big picture of what is required.

I connect every single day

I post everyday on social media for example through Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook etc. By connecting with as many people as I can, it helps grow and nurture my audience.

Plan ahead

I look to see that my calendars are up to date, to make sure I am prepared for what is ahead

Bonus tip: Educate [I do this weekly']

You can never stop learning. Every Wednesday I go and learn something new that can help me and my students

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