How to Write Copy So You Can Book Your Dream Clients with Christine Blubaugh

How to Write Copy So You Can Book Your Dream Clients with Christine Blubaugh

On today's episode I'm chatting with my friend Christine Blubough about all things copy! We're chatting about some juicy topics like how to speak to your ideal client (even if you haven't work with anyone YET), why niching down is a must, how to have a killer Instagram bio, how to write copy so your audience feels like you're reading their minds, and how to ask for those testimonials so you can get more dream clients!

Christine is a Conversion Copywriter for online service-providers who want to sell out launches and sign more clients with copy that turns readers into raving fans and prospects into (happily) paying customers.

There's so much goodness in this episode so be sure to take notes and show Christine some love on Instagram - @christineblubaugh as well!

Let’s dig into the highlights!

Christine’s journey of how she got to where she is now [3.27]

The most common struggles people have with copywriting [8.12]

Copywriting is different to other forms of writing. It is a conversation [8.40]

The copy needs to sound like you, not everyone else [8.40]

What to avoid when writing copy [21.25]

“Clarity trumps cleverness every time” [26.50]

Document results because social proof is the best form of marketing [27.20]

How to ask for a testimonial [28.10]

Recommended resources for copywriting [30.00]

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Copy Hackers : recommended website for tips

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