How do you prioritize and stay focused?

How do you prioritize and stay focused?

In today’s Ask Lindsay episode I share my thoughts on the question “How do you prioritize and stay focused?” Let’s dig into the highlights

I don’t spend time doing things that aren’t serving me or aren’t aligned with my business [2.40]

Set your own work hours of when you are going to stop working for the day [3.50]

Find a time of day where you are most productive and use that time to work on your business [5.30]

Give yourself plenty of time and be graceful with yourself [7.50]

My favorite management system: Asana [8.03]

Don’t allow yourself to be available all the time for clients [8.38]

Show up for the people around you. Have a balance with work and your family [9.25]

Think about what your audience wants and if that is aligning with your lifestyle [11.38]

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