How Female Entrepreneurs Can Live Aligned With Their Priorities With Jackie Ellis

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Jackie is a former fitness professional turned online marketing strategist.  She's livin' the dream with her two daughters, husband and cutie-patootie puppy in the Pacific Northwest.  Jackie's been geeking out on Facebook ads for over four years in a variety of spaces - from local businesses to online courses.  But her true passion is using this gift to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses with less stress so they can live their dream, too.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

About Jackie and her story [3.22]

A typical day for Jackie prior to aligning her priorities [9.12]

The moment that changed Jackie’s life [15.40]

What helped Jackie find a release from anxiety [17.30]

The result of change on Jackie’s family [18.50]

Jackie’s story resulted in her asking herself the question ‘what makes me happy?’ [21.00]

It’s important to find your zone of genius because not everyone is the same, and your strength could be helping relieve someone else’s. [22.00]

The most common struggles Jackie’s clients have [23.30]

The most important part of your marketing is your messaging [24.28]

The amount of money you should be spending on Facebook Ads… hint: it depends on your goal! [27.10]

About Jackie’s membership for Facebook Ads: the purpose of her membership is two-fold. Firstly, to help provide inspiration for funnels and to give hands-on support through resources and live training/support [31.15]

Ways to work with Jackie outside of her membership [34.57]

Just because you love your job, doesn’t mean you need to ignore life around you [38.05]

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