How to Uplevel Your Business With Andréa Michel

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On this episode I'm visiting with my good friend, Andréa Michel and we're talking about all of the things when it comes to female entrepreneurship, why you need a business bestie, mindset, and why it's a MUST to uplevel your business. We're also chatting about how you can get on our waitlist for our upcoming retreat this summer in Las Vegas! To get your name on the list, go to

Let’s dig into the highlights!

How to use instagram to find virtual friends [3.00]

How to find confidence [4.45]

Why we struggle to work on our mindset [7.50]

Not everything has to be perfect [12.00]

Our insecurities can stop us going froward [12.26]

Do what you feel called to do [14.00]

Do what feels aligned for you [15.20]

Part of being intentional is being authentic with who you are [16.38]

The importance of business besties [18.18]

About the retreat [22.40]

If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself and your business, clients won’t be willing to invest in you [28.50]

Having an abundance mindset [29.10]

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