How to Market Your Biz Better With Deb Laflamme

How to Market Your Biz Better With Deb Laflamme | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

Deb is a passionate guide, providing you with the inspiration you need to create conversation, build relationships and Market Your Biz Better™!

Let’s dig into the highlights!

About Deb and her business [2.30]

The story of Deb’s business journey [3.15]

Marketing is about getting to know your ideal clients [5.40]

A key tip for marketing is researching and finding out where your ideal client is hanging out [7.00]

Find a common thread with your ideal clients [9.45]

Be confident about what you offer [11.15]

You don’t have to be for everyone [12.00]

When people don’t buy from you, you don’t just stop connecting with them [13.30]

Stay consistent and show up for your ideal client [15.20]

You don’t know when your ideal client needs you [17.30]

You are doing people a disservice by hiding [19.45]

An exercise to help you start thinking about your inspirations [27.20]

When you explore, you expand [33.40]

Your business growth depends on finding inspiration to help you market better [37.00]

When you are clear, inspired and confident in your offerings… it will be easier to implement the marketing strategies [28.00]

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