How to Create a Successful Group Coaching Program With Jessica Terzakis

How to Create a Successful Group Coaching Program With Jessica Terzakis

Jessica Terzakis (TER-ZAH-KISS), a content creator with Terzakis and Associates, helps entrepreneurs break out of the “wish they had a program or an online course” cycle by creating it with them or for them. Having a Master’s degree in education and having worked as a high-school English teacher, she knows the ins and outs of how to create engaging content. She now assists overwhelmed and frustrated entrepreneurs better communicate their brilliance and stand out.

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So many entrepreneurs think that they can go right from active income where they work 1-1 with clients to passive income, where they create a “make money while you sleep” online course.

The step between active and passive income is leveraged income, the “one to many” model. It’s an incredibly lucrative in-between.

A group program is the smarter way to go. It’s super easy to set up, it’s fast money, and if you’re already working 1-1 with clients, it’s next logical step because you leverage what you do with 1-1 with a group. And, it takes a lot less time than it does to set-up and launch an online course.


About Jessica and her story [2.40]

Why info dumping is hindering your business [5.00]

Rather than being information based, how can you make your online course action based. People are looking for solutions. [5.55]

Why to not give away all the information at once for your program [9.45]

Let the outcome of the program be the focus [11.30]

The type of content to create. It’s important to think about what’s best for the client, not what’s best for you [13.30]

Common reasons people choose to start a group coaching program [17.50]

How to slowly ease your way into group coaching with a small email list [19.00]

How to layout your lessons [21.30]

How to easily create teaching content [23.30]

The key to getting clients to do the work [28.40]

People want connection [30.00]

What to do next if you want to start a group coaching program [34.00]

How to work with Jessica [35.40]

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