How To Manifest Your Dream Business And Life With Gemma Benad

How To Manifest Your Dream Business And Life With Gemma Benad | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

Gemma Benad is chief Manifesting Mum over at The Manifesting Mums. A Rapid Manifesting Coach whose purpose and passion is to empower Mum's to get out of their own way so they can create a life they love, no exceptions.

She is the founder of The Manifesting Mum Podcast where she shares her own personal journey of unfolding and unlearning to inspire others to step into their power to believe in themselves and the infinite possibilities that are available to everyone.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

About Gemma and her business [1.50]

What manifesting is and what it means [4.20]

We are born creators, and manifesting is about taking the step of intentional creation [5.30]

We have the ability to change what is going on [11.00]

Our emotions are the gateway to unlocking what is really going on [13.30]

Three common root beliefs: I am not enough, I’m different, what I want is not available to me [15.15]

How to get to the point of believing things are possible for us [19.50]

You were born whole [21.00]

We crave certainty, and because of this we are always looking for proof [22.50]

How Gemma uses hypnosis [25.20]

Visualise and feel your outcome [26.00]

Lean into the emotions and feel them [34.00]

Your emotions are your internal alarm system [34.50]

Emotions are unavoidable [37.40]

Pieces of advice Gemma has received that have supported her [38.50]

How to work with Gemma [40.50]

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