The Not So Glamorous Parts of Entrepreneurship with Ashley Srokosz

The Not So Glamorous Parts of Entrepreneurship with Ashley Srokosz | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

Ashley Srokosz is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, doTERRA essential oil educator, and business coach for wellness entrepreneurs who is also a mom to an energetic little boy.

She loves talking about branding and websites, and is an expert in teaching wellness business owners systems with soul so they can sell on autopilot in her signature course ""Brand, Build, Blog"".

Ashley shares super transparent lessons from business and everyday life that helps busy women achieve more of their mission with less struggle - because being a mom and an entrepreneur doesn't have to be so hard!

Let’s dig into the highlights!

Differences between social media platforms [7:05]

A conversation about working hours [16.00]

You must ask yourself, ‘do I need to do this task'?’ [17.20]

You need to share the honest story [18.20]

We as women are raised to give all of ourselves [28.10]

When we get burnt out we resent the effort we gave [29.00]

Think of our capacity and working out how we build a healthy and sustainable business in all aspects [30.00]

It’s important to think about what you will do with more [33.00]

Managing mental health and entrepreneurship [44.00]

Always find ways to connect with your community [47.20]

About Ashley’s course [48.50]

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