How to Love Discovery Calls With Michelle Marie

How to Love Discovery Calls With Michelle Marie | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

Michelle Marie is the owner of Put Your Passion To and founder of Profitable Coaching Academy. With over 6 years of coaching and mentoring experience, Michelle helps women turn their passion of helping others and transform it into a coaching business (Even if you’re a mom and work full-time, because she does too!
Let’s dig into the highlights!

About Michelle and her business [1.10]

How to make discovery calls happen [6.10]

Common reasons people don’t want to get on discovery calls [8.45]

Tips for discovery calls: get comfortable with being uncomfortable [12.45]

Set the table for your potential clients; a list of what you need [14.15]

The importance of screening potential clients before getting on a discovery call [14.40]

Example questions for an application form [15.40]

Red flags to look out for when someone fills in an application form [17.00]

Start your call with building rapport [21.55]

How to tell if you aren’t aligned with the potential client [24.35]

The importance of listening and not rambling [25.49]

Why you need an ‘I help’ statement [27.00]

You want to sell the solution to their pain points, not your products [29.05]

How to have the conversation about the investment [29.30]

About Michelle’s roadmap [31.40]

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Discovery Call Roadmap
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How to Love Discovery Calls With Michelle Marie | Book Your dream clients podcast
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