What I Learned in a Year of Podcasting

What I Learned in a Year of Podcasting | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

In this episode I dive into what I learned in a year of podcasting.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

I decided that I was going to commit to podcasting one year ago and I wanted to share what I’ve learned.

It’s a lot easier than blogging. It’s a lot easier for me to sit and talk via a microphone rather than reading my rambling in a blog. Podcasting is the best way for me to get content out there. Having a platform to share free content is important in business. [1.55]

I had to honor my time. I’m very strict that Saturday mornings are the only time I record, even for guest interviews. Just because we work less, doesn’t mean less happens in our business. We need to take care of ourselves. [4.00]

The tech bits will smooth out overtime. When I first started I spent hours editing one episode and trying to work out all the tech. [8.16]

Podcasting is a great way to get your name out there. When I have a guest come on the podcast we provide social media images for them to help promote their episode. Through them advertising their episode, they are then helping get your name out to their audience. [10.04]

Recording with the kids around doesn’t work. [13.10]

When I first started, I was doing 3 episodes a week to get my downloads up, however I quickly found it wasn’t sustainable. Whenever I feel that something is a little off, I listen to that feeling so I started doing one a week and that has worked great. [14.20]

I can always think of something to talk about. It’s always important that as business owners we consistently come up with content to help them in their business. [14.45]

It creates community. The Book Your Dream Clients Facebook group helps me to get my audience, talk about the podcast and is a great place for other coaches to connect. [18.25]

Workflows are so important, especially when you have guests. You will miss things if you don’t have the workflows created and written out. [19.35]

Outsource what doesn’t light you up. For example, transferring the podcast into a blog post doesn’t light me up, so I outsource it. [21.15]

It doesn’t have to be perfect. [22.50]

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