Behind the Scenes: The Tools I Use in My Coaching Business

behind-the-scenes-the-tools-i-use-in-my-coaching-business | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

In this podcast episode I share the tools I use in my coaching business every single day.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

Email marketing provider [2.02]

Project management system [3.00]

  • Asana: I use this for all client work, communication with assistant, storing my workflows and more. Asana is the brains for my business

Design software [5.05]

  • Canva: this program is easy to use and it makes you look like you know what you’re doing. You don’t need to upgrade, however I do because I like having my brand colours and having the resizing option.

Storage [6.25]

  • Dropbox

  • Google drive (this is what I use majority of the time)

Instagram scheduling [7.20]

  • Later: this is the only platform I’ve used and I really enjoy it

Landing pages [8.08]

  • Leadpages: I love the drag and drop features of this program

  • Other options: website provide or email marketing provider

FB messenger bots [8.35]

  • ManyChat: this is free up to a certain point and I find this extremely effective, especially in launch phases of my business.

Payment processors [10.00]

  • MoonClerk: I love that you can create recurring payments, custom forms etc

  • Paypal

  • Sam Cart: they offer a recurring PayPal option, which is a great offer for clients

Calendar scheduling [11.30]

  • Setmore: it’s free, simple to use and it sends reminders to clients and students

Merging workbooks [12.20]

Pinterest Scheduling [13.30]

  • Tailwind: this has helped me grow my Pinterest account at an amazing rate

Course hosting [15.00]

Integrations [16.10]

Video conferencing [18.12]

For paid programs, I suggest paying the yearly option because you can often save money by doing this.

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Behind the Scenes: The Tools I Use in My Coaching Business
Behind the Scenes: The Tools I Use in My Coaching Business