Instagram Tips, Tricks, and Trends With Ella Mae

Instagram Tips, Tricks, and Trends With Ella Mae | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

Ella Mae is an Instagram Strategist & Business Mentor. She started her career as a copywriter and after taking an interest in growing her personal Instagram following it lead to opportunities to mentor other entrepreneurs on the power of connecting with their peers & future clients using Instagram. Within 6 months it became the forefront of her business and something she's incredibly passionate about teaching, one of the reasons she loves Instagram is the ability to use the platform to enhance any area of your life - whether it's getting clients, connecting with your mentors or getting paid to use the products & services you already buy & love. She's the creator of the InstaFame Formula, a 6 step formula that works for growing any Instagram account (despite any algorithm changes) and spends her days teaching personal brands and businesses how to build their Instagram following organically and turn it into a lead and opportunity generation machine for their life & business.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

About Ella and her business [1.35]

Common frustrations with Instagram [8.50]

Dramatic changes with Instagram in the past year [10.15]

Algorithm information and how it works [13.00]

Instagram stories and IGTV are being rewarded [15.20]

All things hashtags and how you should be using [17.05]

The importance of having your business niche in your profile [21.50]

About IGTV [23.10]

How to expand your reach with Instagram stories [25.41]

Instagram is a social platform, so even if you are a business, you need to show personal content also [30.00]

When it comes to posting, it needs to be quality over quantity for your Instagram feed [35.10]

How to learn more from Ella [40.38]

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Instagram Tips, Tricks, and Trends With Ella Mae
Instagram Tips, Tricks, and Trends With Ella Mae