How to Find Order and Recreate Your Life With Linda L Eubanks

How to Find Order and Recreate Your Life With Linda L Eubanks

Linda L Eubanks, a sassy and Smartie popping home organization consultant and life coach in Tampa Fl.  After leaving an abusive marriage, Linda hid in a 400 square foot hotel room where she used her personal organizing skills to reclaim her life. As the owner of Black Label Living Space, it's her personal mission to use her superpower of creating order and structure to empathize and invoke action to female entrepreneurs and career enthusiast who want to get organized but don't know where to start as they learn to thrive within themselves, their families and their community.   Let’s dig into the highlights!

Linda’s story and what she does [3.00]

Linda’s services in home organization and coaching [6.00]

Go to the root of the problem rather than just putting band-aids on [7.37]

The difference between online and in-person coaching [9.36]

The importance of using your personality and passion in business [11.38]

Tips for organizing your life [12.00]

Start with the end in mind [12.10]

What is your priority in this moment? Use this to build the foundation [12.58]

Put action toward your priorities [14.00]

Start small to find order for example scheduling reminders in your phone to journal each day [16.15]

As you begin to embrace order, you will find it becomes a habit, and hence becomes part of your life [17.25]

Outcomes for Linda’s clients after they have worked together [17.40]

Linda’s daily non-negotiable's [19.23]

Make sure your home organization and design is a reflection of YOU [20.50]

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