How to Get Traffic to Your Blog From Instagram

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog From Instagram  with Book Your Dream Clients Podcasta

In this episode I share my thoughts and tips on how to get traffic to your blog from Instagram.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

Try to be grateful for this platform, rather than become frustrated [2.55]

Tips for getting traffic to your blog: be specific with the link in your bio, go to your bio like you’ve never seen it before, and is it clear when you follow through to the links [4.00]

If you aren’t clear on what you do, others won’t be also. [6.35]

How I manage the link in my bio in Squarespace and why [7.00]

Tips to gain interaction on Instagram: ask questions in your posts and stories [8.20]

Show your face on your profile to help build trust [10.30]

Pretend your posting to your best friend. Show up as yourself, just be you! [11.40]

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