How to Avoid Being a One Hit Wonder Coach

how to avoid being a one hit wonder coach by Lindsay Maloney

Today I want to talk about how we can avoid being a one hit wonder coach.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

Educate yourself

We as coaches must continue to learn and grow so that we can continue to serve our clients in ways that create impact [4.55]

Your fears will keep you company if you don’t allow yourself to step out and grow [7.00]

Release what’s holding you back [9.00]

Invest in yourself

Don’t allow yourself to let success be conditional. For example we would never say to our kids ‘I will love you when you clean your room.’ Keep infusing yourself with nourishment so you can continue to sustain your business [9.45]

Don’t strive to pretend to know it all

Continue to make choices that will make ourselves better so that we don’t burn out and because a one it wonder coach [11.30]

If you don’t know something, research it and ask questions. When we allow ourselves to let go of this idea that we have to know everything, we will find that business will be a lot easier and we can avoid being a one hit wonder coach [12.45]

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