Turn Your Idea Into a Business with Kelsey Reidl

Turn Your Idea Into a Business with Kelsey Reidl on the Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

Today on the podcast I interview Kelsey Reidl as we talk about how to turn your idea into a business

Kelsey Reidl is the founder of Visionary Life, and through her holistic business coaching program The VISIONARY METHOD she has helped 100's of aspiring & startup entrepreneurs build out their idea into a profitable business. When she's not outdoors with her family living her own most visionary life, you can find her podcasting, creating content, coaching her clients, and teaching at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Kelsey lives in Toronto, ON and is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur who has tried over 200+ local cafes.

Let’s jump into the highlights!

Kelsey’s story [3.00]

The heart of Kelsey’s vision and how she came into finding that [5.18]

Common walls people hit when building a business; including the fear of judgment from what people close to you will think [8.20]

Reach out to family and friends for support [12.17]

Kelsey’s experience with creating live workshops and the power of them [13.55]

Take uncomfortable experiences from your 9-5 and implement what you’ve learnt into your business [19.00]

There is always one person who is ready to show up and learn from you [20.00]

The biggest thing that helps progress toward your goals: put a deadline on your goal and work backwards [22.12]

Have a visual of your goal in a place you will see [23.00]

About the challenge Kelsey has created to help you process your ideas to a business [25.32]

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