3 Things You Need to be Doing Now in Your Coaching Business

3 Things You Need to be Doing Now in Your Coaching Business

This episode explains three things you need to be doing now in your coaching business… and the best part, all the tips don’t cost any money!

Let’s dig into the highlights!

Have a legit sales page. [3.15]

I see so many coaches putting little paragraphs of information and not a full page of information.

Sales pages are not just for programs or products, they are for you to sell your VIP program [or as others call it, working 1:1 with people]. Here is my sales page template ->

Think about it from the client experience, what would be attractive to you going onto a sales page? Ensure to include that in your page.

Raise prices quarterly [10.00]

You want to continue to raise your pricing to reflect your growth.

Your knowledge grows, so people should be paying for more advice. As you invest in yourself, you have the right to raise your prices.

Have a coaching funnel [11:40]

E.g. Freebie [that will give your dream clients a quick win] -> Email welcome sequence [I usually write out about 6 emails which are automated to send out to those who have opted into your email funnel through the freebie] -> show people how to work with you and simplify the process for them. Download one of my freebies to see my personal coaching funnel

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