How to Write Amazing Content and Copy

How to Write Amazing Content and Copy

Laneic Lavalle is a copywriter/content strategist for ambitious female entrepreneurs who are ready to stop adding to the noise and start creating amazing content and copy that moves their business forward. When she's not having strategy parties with her clients she's binge-watching anime or Archer, reading, or consuming coffee. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook for copywriting and content creation tips and the occasional meme.
Let’s dive into the highlights!

About Laneic and her business [3.05]

The most common problems Laneic sees with copywriting and content [5.10]

What to keep in mind writing your own copy [6.10]

Common mistakes Laneic sees with copywriting and how to avoid making them [8.35]

Use conversational language like you are having a conversation with your ideal client [9.45]

An exercise to help write your copy [11.10]

Go through your website as a client and check to see if it’s a reflection of you [16.40]

Key website pages to have and tips for writing the copy for them [18.05]

Creativity has its place, yet when it comes to copywriting, you want to value clarity first [23.20]

About Laneic’s freebie [25.05]

Don’t add to the noise of your niche, add value [26.00]

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