How to Attract Your Soulmate Clients

book your dream clients podcast | How to attract your soulmate clients with Emily Aarons

In this episode we interview Emily Aarons and talk about how to attract your soulmate clients.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

About Emily Aarons business and how she started [3.12]

Common beliefs around busy=productive [6.41]

We don’t have to work so hard, it comes from within [7.51]

Common struggles and pain points that Emily helps people overcome [8.50]

You need the calm and peace to prepare for what is ahead [12.18]

How to let go of the worry of how you will find clients [15.00]

How to invite simplicity into your business [16.00]

It always works out, it has to work out and it will work out [16.22]

Why giving value to your community is important [22.22]

About Emily’s Facebook community and how she grew it [29.00]

Gratitude and abundance are linked in together [33.33]

Practice gratitude [35.00]

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