How to Start a Coaching Business When You Work a 9-5

How to start a coaching business when you work a 9-5

How to Start a Coaching Business When You Work a 9-5

This episode goes through 5 tips I recommend to all my students and clients who want to start a coaching business but are scared to leave their 9-5. It can be done, because I am living proof. These points are tried and tested in my own business. It’s time you do what you feel you are called to without the stress of time and money. Here are the episode highlights:

Know your niche

I’m sure you have heard this point before because nearly every podcast, blog post and successful entrepreneur has mentioned it, and that’s because it is important. The best thing you can do is start and identify one, you will find that as you continue to grow and evolve your niche, offerings and message will adjust also, and that is perfect.

Manage your time

When are you most effective? Are you a morning person or a night owl? Make sure that you block out certain hours of your time where you work best and that suits your life. I use to have my calendar wide open, and I found I wasn’t at my highest peak to help them, for example what if a potential client booked a call at 10 p.m. on Saturday night, for me I would struggle to put my best self into that call

Use programs and software that work for you

When you are just starting out, it’s okay to use free things. Choose the programs and software that will best move you forward. If a program isn’t working for you, find another option. If a program is too expensive right now, look for an alternative. If a software doesn’t make sense to you, it’s okay to look for a more basic option. As you grow and evolve so will your systems, programs and softwares.

Surround yourself with support

Running a business can be stressful if you let it, and negative people can add to that stress. When people aren’t supportive we have to ask why, most of the time it is because it is so unfamiliar to them that they feel uncomfortable. It’s okay to face opposition, but it’s important to remember that everything you do matters, so don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

Work on your mindset daily

I had no clue what mindset was when I first started my business, however know I see just how important it is. My two favorite ways of working on my mindset are books and journaling.

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