How to Market Your Coaching Business Without Spending Money on Ads!

How to Market Your Coaching Business Without Spending Money on Ads!

Did you know you don't have to spend a ton of money on ads to grow your business?

On this episode I'm going to share with you my favorite ways to market my business organically (aka for free!). These are strategies that I use in my business right now and what I teach my students and clients, so you're in for a real treat! Here are the highlights:

Optimize your website to grow your list

You are more advanced than your ideal client. As you design your website, think about it from a client perspective. It’s important that we take our site visitors on a journey and do our best to turn them into subscribers. A few challenges and tips to help you: have an announcement bar at the top of your website (I use Squarespace as my website host), have a bold statement that speaks directly to your ideal client, have at least three call to action buttons before your client as to scroll all the way to the bottom of your homepage and have a navigation bar that uses words which are easy to understand.


The internet is a big space. In this day and age we are lacking community and if we are not directed toward a small community like a Facebook group rather than an Instagram post we can feel lost. Starting a Facebook group was key in my business and I treat it like a ‘home.’ I don’t have scheduled posts, I have valued friendships and community that enables me to show up when I can and give as much value to my group. Interested in joining? I’d love to invite you over to my Facebook group so you can see an example of how I use Facebook groups for my business

Provide value

Two key ways you can provide value: blogging and podcasting. Start thinking about the way your audience likes to consume the value you can offer, and also the way that you enjoy creating valuable content. If something isn’t working, you can always change it up. Allow people to trust you with the valuable content you can provide them.


Pinterest can increase your monthly views and increase traffic to your website. Pinterest can also help you generate ideas and inspiration for creating valuable content for your ideal clients. Having an optimized business account will help guide your ideal clients into the next step of the client journey. Need an example? Browse through my Pinterest account for an example of how to optimize your account. I use tailwind as a way of putting this Pinterest on automation


There are some small and easy tweaks you can make to your account to optimize it as much as possible to increase your traffic. For example your URL, Instagram bio account and Instagram name. Here is my account if you need some inspiration. Beyond that you can start thinking about ways to put a call to action in your posts and foster community by replying to the comments on your post. Be consistent in your Instagram stories to invite people into your life and allow people to have a sneak peak into your life and market what you do (for free!).

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