7 ways you can book your dream clients

In this episode I give you 7 ways you can book your dream clients.

Listen closely, take notes, and do one thing at a time!

7 ways you can book your dream clients

Let’s dig straight into this week’s podcast episode where I share 7 ways you can book your dream clients. These are ways I use myself and share with my clients… the only way to make these really work is take action and implement them, let’s do this! Here are the highlights:

Create freebies that draw in your dream clients

I have so many freebies that help build my list, however a lot of them actually don’t draw my dream client. If we have one ideal client on our mind all the time when we create our freebies, it will benefit them and therefore draw them to taking action. If you create curiosity with your freebies, it will make it easier to serve them through your paid offerings.

Be prepared to enroll your dream clients

Have everything ready for your client. From the welcome email, to the payment systems to the on-boarding workflow. When you have a system it can allow your dream client to feel welcomed and valued.

Create a community where your dream clients can be with you

At the beginning, I didn’t feel comfortable in Facebook groups, however now I understand just how powerful they are. In my facebook group it is like a group of friends and that is what it’s meant to be like, I would encourage you to create one for your own business.

Speak the language of your dream clients

Whether it’s your website, emails or social media channels, it’s important that people feel a connection to you, which leads into trusting you. We are here to change lives and empower others and the best way we can do this is let me know they are not alone.

Give a tonne of value all the time

You are never giving too much free information. You don’t have to hold back on generosity. The important thing to learn is that you are teaching people what they need to do and why they need to do it in your freebies, and then the ‘how’ is in your offerings.

Always make people feel like they are being taken care of

From the first day a dream client comes in contact with you, until the last day, they should feel like you are just as present. Your clients will go through times of stress and confusion, your job is to be their for them through that process. This may look like check ins or 1:1’s you can integrate into your programs.

Create a VIP program that they can’t say no to

For me, I would live on someone's sales page, until I was ready to take the step and book a discovery call with them. When you look at your sales page are you speaking their language? Can your ideal client identify and relate to what you’re saying? Here is an example of my sales page

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