Are You Good Enough to Call Yourself a Coach?

Are You Good Enough to Call Yourself a Coach?

Do you sometimes suffer from imposter syndrome and find yourself asking questions like, “Who am I to coach others? Who am I to even call myself a coach?” I know exactly how this feels and I want to talk you through this, so I can give you the confidence and clarity you need to go out and serve the people you feel called to serve! Here are the highlights:

Own it

Change your profile right now to say you’re a coach and what type of coach you are. If you struggle to think of what you’re niche is, here are some questions to help:

-What could you talk about for hours?

-What do people ask you advice for?

If you doubt yourself, so will your clients

No one will ever believe you can help them if you don’t believe you can help them. Change your mindset to think “This is going to be the best call ever and I’m going to help them get to where they want to be.”

The creation process takes time. Don’t let doubt rule your decisions. Look ahead. Don’t waste your time playing the comparison game.

Play on your strengths

For example, one of my students is a novel writing coach, and I could never do that. I’m going to use my skills, experience and history to take people on a journey that I can take them on. You have something in you that this world needs and by playing to your strengths you will be able to build a strong business.

Let’s take your negative thoughts, put them in a bubble, pop it and move on

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

You have amazing gifts, someone is waiting for you specific help and there will never be too many coaches in the world.

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