How to Recover from Burnout and Fall Madly in Love with Your Business Again

How to Recover from Burnout and Fall Madly in Love w ith Your Business Again | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

Linsi Brownson is the founder of Spark Collaborative, and host of the Spark and Victory Podcast. She is a Coach and Creative Director who helps passion-driven entrepreneurs banish burnout and stay madly in love with their business.
Linsi calls on her background in visual communication, media production, life coaching and 10 years of entrepreneurship to help business owners align their personal and professional goals. She walks entrepreneurs through transitions like recovering from burnout, scaling their business, or restructuring to create more sustainable growth.
Most importantly, she helps people clue in to what brings them joy and purpose, so that their process and achievements are always aligned with a well-lived life.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

About Linsi and her business [2.00]

Signs of burnout [4.00]

About Linsi’s experience with burnout [6.30]

What ‘playing big’ looks like [8.25]

The impact of our ‘burnout’ energy [11.25]

Lack of confidence, can lead to overwhelm [14.00]

Pricing your services [16.10]

3 ways to step out of burnout [20.00]

How to connect with Linsi [28.30]

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