How to Get Confident In Your Offerings

How to Get Confident In Your Offerings

Today’s episode will help you get confident in the offerings you have for your dream clients. Let’s dig into the highlights!

Build your list

Begin list building prior to selling. This will enable you to have a quality list of people that are interested in your offerings and how you can help them. Don’t worry about the numbers, just have people on your list that are likely to buy from you. This will help you have confidence in what you have to offer.

Don’t compare your offerings to others

Don’t put negativity onto your offerings, as this will block your creativity. I have found that this exercise is really helpful:

Picture your ideal client/student and go to your favorite place (e.g. coffee shop) and as you are there you are just sitting and listening to that client about their life… what they are struggling with, what they are going through, the things they have tried that hasn’t worked, some things that have worked … just listen and write down what you heard and then write down the things you really want to share with her/him when they are finished talking. Now, once they have finished talking, reply to that client with one thing they can do right now that will help her/him to have a win. That should be your offering or freebie. This is your confidence putting it out there. You don’t need to go and research on google what you can give potential clients, allow yourself to go through this exercise and it will come much easier to you.

How will your dream clients best consume content

For a while I tried creating video content and I didn’t enjoy it. I was comparing myself with other people and how they were running their business. I had to adjust the delivery of the content because it wasn’t aligning with me or with my clients. When people come to me asking what type of content they should create, I always ask what they enjoy doing.

Present your offerings with confidence

Set up your freebie, your 1:1 program and/or coaching program to be aligned with you, your branding and your messaging. If you design it and create it in a well presented way, it will increase your confidence.

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