How To Build A Fulfilling+ Freedom-Based Beauty Business With Jasmin Niemiec

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Jasmin Niemiec is a Business Coach who helps women build a fulfilling + freedom-based beauty business.

She believes that equipping women to generate wealth is the best way to create world impact, as women are proven to give back 90% of their income to their family, church, and community. She helps them do this in a way that keeps faith, family + friendships at the center.

She is a Teacher turned Mom turned Running + Nutrition Coach Turned Biz Coach, and has built multiple-six-figure businesses utilizing Instagram, Facebook, + a Google search bar.

She is partnered with a Luxury Haircare Company that has impacted over 4k lives + helps women who struggle with dry, damaged, frizzy, thinning hair to swap to a customized essential oil based shampoo + get full, healthy hair.
She's a 7 wing 8 on the enneagram, meaning she loves to activate her clients to hair, life, + biz growth, but also loves family time on the beach, running 5ks, hip hop dance class, kale quinoa salad and donuts.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

About Jasmin and her business [1.40]

As business owners we have to see things in a positive light [3.30]

We often get stuck in our head, and having an outside voice can be so helpful [7.15]

Addressing the thought ‘will this business actually work’ [8.10]

If something in your business isn’t working, it’s not because you’re broken, it is an opportunity for growth [10.00]

Tips for managing family and business [12.30]

You have to be willing to learn out loud [14.05]

An encouragement for a working mom who wants to start a business [19.00]

Waiting usually means it never happens [23.40]

About the company Jasmin works for [24.25]

There is always a way to grow your business, even if you have a lot on your plate [27.45]

Typical day for Jasmin [28.30]

How to include your children in your business journey [34.00]

How to connect with Jasmin [34.40]

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