7 Ways to Boost Your Launch Results

7 Ways to Boost Your Launch Results | Book Your Dream Clients Podcast

In this solo episode Lindsay talks about 7 ways to boost your launch results.

Let’s dig into the highlights!

While I have a foundation for the way I launch, each time I launch I do a little twist or something different to change things and go with the flow of the changing times. While I enjoy the flow of a launch, there are some strategies that I will share with you in this episode that work!

Do your webinar again live [3.10]

If you had a webinar launch, and it was effective… do it again! The way you can do this is by picking a different day and time, email your list and promote it again. The key to this is creating urgency; do it live and don’t send out a replay, you will get better results.

Go live again [4.45]

Go live on Instagram/Facebook and talk about the biggest objection that your clients have told you or you have heard. The primary objections of potential clients is most commonly time and money.

Message potential clients [8.00]

Send potential clients a DM through text message, voice message or video message. The key to this is USE THEIR NAME. It is important to reach out to people in a personal way. People love to see what you can see for them.

Offer free calls [11:05]

Make this call specific for people that are ONLY interested in investing in your offer. You won’t get a lot of these but you will get a few and these 15minute calls are highly effective. On these calls ask about their business and then tell them what you see for their business and how you can help them.

Add a bonus [12.40]

Bonus offers are very popular in helping boost launch results. This doesn’t have to be a large time consuming bonus to create, for example it can be repurposing a small program.

To help know what bonus to add answer this question [14.30]

I’d love to join your program but… If you can find a way to overcome their objections and doubts, it will help your results.

For example: “I’d love to join your program but I don’t have a website.” I would have a website building course as a bonus.

Have a free behind the scenes tour [15.30]
This can be live or pre-recorded, either way it is a very effective strategy to help boost your results. This helps potential clients know what they can expect.

Check your email resending options [18.25]

For your final cart emails, resend the email to people who haven’t opened. Not everyone gets the email or has the time to read it, by resending this will help get it back in their head and avoid them missing your email.

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