How to Plan Out the Next 30 Days Simply and Effectively

How to Plan Out the Next 30 Days Simply and Effectively

Today’s episode is all about how to plan out the next 30 days simply and effectively. Let’s dig into the highlights…

Don’t stress out

Sometimes planning can feel intimidating. The furthest I have ever planned ahead was when I was pregnant… other than that I am pretty easy with myself and do my best to plan out 30 days ahead.

Be able to let go of control

It’s important to be able to shift with your business depending on where you are at. I have big visions for next year, however I haven’t planned out the content for that far ahead.

Find a way that suits you + write it down

When I plan, I usually look at each quarter. For example, if I want to launch SOCA in December… I have to have a look at how many VIP’s I have, and if I feel aligned with that. Then I will follow the below steps

Step 1: brain dump everything onto a list of what you need for that quarter

Step 2: I will go into Asana and schedule the list items I have written down [with due dates]

Step 3: I will review the tasks on my calendar and be gracious with my time. I may rearrange tasks to allow me more time for certain things.

Step 4: I will create content accordingly to my Q4 goals. Listen to my last podcast episode for how I plan social media

Start with the end in mind

Planning is much more effective when we take the end goal that is in our mind and plan according to that, rather than just starting at the beginning.

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