For the daring and creative female, like you, who has big dreams and is ready for her amazing coaching business to begin.


This program was created just for you! You’re the type of person you has a billion ideas and I bet you have this strong feeling that you should create a business where you help people achieve their goals. Guess what? You no longer have to wonder how you’re going to get your business going, because I’ve created something incredible with women like you in mind.

Working with Lindsay these past 4 months has been wonderful! Lindsay has helped me SO much with my blog and health coaching business. I started out not knowing ANYTHING about starting an online business, and now I not only have a blog, but I’m currently working on my first online program as well! Lindsay has truly set me up for success and really laid out the foundation for my business.
— Kristina - Glowing From Greens

ARE YOU Ready to get started?

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*payment plans available here.

What would it feel like to:

  • have an incredible coaching business set up (correctly) and totally ready to get clients that you OBSESS over
  • wake up in the morning feeling super excited to work on your coaching business
  • know that you’re making a difference in the world, one client at a time
  • give the coaching business, you may have already started,  a huge and much needed boost
  • have an online business that stands out and attracts your dream clients
  • hit the reset button on a business that feels like it’s going nowhere
  • have someone show you the exact steps to create an amazing and long lasting coaching business
  • have someone with years of experience, that you trust, guide you along the entire way
  • stop throwing up ideas to see if they stick and finally see some crazy progress

This is all possible if you join the STAND OUT COACHING ACADEMY!

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  • I know what it's like to spend hours researching one-on-one coaching programs that I dreamt of being a part of
  • I know what it's like to feel totally discouraged because the price wasn’t in my budget
  • I know what it's like to go back-and-forth with purchasing a group program and never committing because I was worried I wouldn’t get the one-on-one attention I needed
  • I know what it's like to to convince myself that I can do this on my own and then end up downloading 1 million freebies that confused me even more


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  • help my clients create the building blocks and the strong structure they need for a crazy, successful business
  • know exactly what I need to do to stand out in my niche
  • see my phone light up with notifications of new discovery calls booked, courses purchased, and VIP packages being snatched up #ScreenshotThatStuff
  • know that I’m serving my ideal client and audience (no more trying to attract everyone!)
  • get excited to work with incredibly inspiring clients that I know will do amazing and impactful things
  • take clients on a complete transformation. Whether their business is in it's baby stage or we just need to hit the reset button

Let's talk about you now:

  • You feel called to do and be more
  • You're tired of doing this alone
  • You know you need guidance and step-by-step processes that will take you forward
  • You need someone to bounce ideas off of
  • You want your business to start the right way
  • You want all the perks of a one on one program without the sticker shock
  • You're ready for a carefully crafted plan that actually works



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a 4 month intensive group program featuring:

{We start February 19th}

All of the things you  need to create a coaching business that stands out!

  • Weekly LIVE group calls
  • Weekly assignments, tutorials, and full support from me
  • Facebook office hours support
  • Course workbook with weekly assignments

*payment plans available here.


Your first month is all about laying the foundation of what your business will be and who you'll help. We will be doing a lot niche work so you feel totally confident and excited about who you are meant to serve! We will also work on money and success manifestation with my favorite tools that have done wonders for me and my business! We'll also set goals for your business that you'll actually get excited about!


The second month is all about building your website. If you already have a website, no problem! I will personally evaluate what you have and make any kind of recommendations needed. Your website should be working for you and I'm going to make sure it does just that. We'll also make sure your social media platforms are set up and working for you.


The third month is going to be jam packed and we're going to really be focused on list building. I will be sharing with you all of the list building strategies I recommend right now and you will implement them into your website and social media platforms. You should be adding subscrbers daily and I will show you just how to do that. Because, the money really is in the list, my friends.


The fourth month is all about the clients! I'm going to show you my entire client on-boarding process. I'm also going to teach you how to get discovery calls, how to create and sell your one-on-one coaching packages, and how to take care of your clients throughout your time together so they feel totally pampered.


*payment plans available here.


BASIC $997

$997 pay in full

Weekly LIVE group calls

Weekly assignments and tutorials

Full support via group from me

Facebook office hours support

Course workbook

No private one-on-one sessions


VIP $1697

$1697 pay in full

Weekly LIVE group calls

Weekly assignments and tutorials

Full support via group from me

Facebook office hours support

Course workbook

4 45 minute private strategy sessions



* Payment plans are also available here.


+ How long does this program last?

Stand Out Coaching Academy is a 4 month program.

+ Is this in a group setting or one-one-on?

This is a group program.

+ What if I fall behind?

My goal is to help you keep on task every single week. If something comes up and you fall a bit behind, no worries! All weekly LIVE calls are recorded for you to watch when you are able. You will also be a part of a helpful and positive group of coaches who are always willing to assist!

+ What if I already have my business set up, but I'm still looking for your help?

This would be a great and affordable option for you to still get my attention, in a group setting, on you and your business!

+ Will I get any one-on-one time?

Additional one-on-one time is a VIP upgrade you can choose to purchase.

+ Are there any payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are available. Please be sure to email me if you do not see something that works for you.

+ How is this different from your one-on-one package?

My VIP coaching package is a strictly one-on-one, customized program. If you require more attention and individual guidance, I suggest you purchase that package. The Stand Out Coaching Academy is different because it is in a group setting. I teach the same content throughout all of my programs.

Lindsay Maloney

Dear friends,

I know what you’re probably thinking. You're probably asking yourself, "Will this program really help me and is this something I need to invest in?" Let me tell you something. I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars in my business because I believe that this is the work that I am meant to do.

I know that what I put into my business, I get back tenfold. Whenever I spend money, I make money. Pure and simple. This happens because I’m totally set up to gain.

I’ve come to this point after years of trial and error, going at it alone, and choosing to invest in myself. All of this put together, along with a healthy and positive mindset has allowed me to create this program, Stand Out Coaching Academy.

 I remember getting totally frustrated with coaches charging $10,000 +  to work with them (kudos to them by the way). I wanted help so badly, but I didn’t know how much I could really afford to invest in my business.

When you’re just starting out and funds are minimal, it’s really tough to justify spending a ton of money. I totally get it. That’s why I made this program so affordable that anyone can do it. 

My purpose is to help women start their coaching business.  I truly believe that you deserve the right recipe for success. No more taste testing, no more solo work, no more trial and error, and feeling totally alone in all this. It's time we all join together and create the next group of up and coming coaches!

Lots of love,


*payment plans available here.