A LIVE 90 day PROGRAM TO HELP THE creative, female coach (you!) to... 

✓ create, launch, and scale your coaching business

✓ fill your calendar up with dream clients who inspire you

✓and make an impact on the world with your work

We start July 2!

want access to everything you need to make this happen + support from me?

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SOCA has been such an amazing investment for my business and MYSELF as an individual! I can’t imagine where I would be if I didn’t enroll 4 months ago. My business has grown and more importantly, my mindset has grown—I have stepped into my role as a confident coach and I have Lindsay to thank for that. Her insight, strategies, and patience are qualities that make a great coach—which she is and more. I recommend her programs to anyone who’s ready to take some serious action in their coaching business and need a motivating yet down to earth mentor to guide them every step of the way.
— Sheila Joy

Creating and scaling your coaching business does not have to mean sleepless nights, information overload, or doing it all on your own. 

So many coaches struggle to get their businesses started strong and they experience situations like these:

  • Downloading every free pdf they can get their hands on, just hoping that "this is the one!" 
  • Investing lots of money on ebooks and DIY courses (hello shiny object syndrome!) and never really finishing anything because their was no support or accountability
  • Spending way too much time behind the computer screen with a billion tabs open and nothing to show for it
  • Feeling pressure from your family because you’re always working on your business and spending money to build it, but maybe not seeing a return on those investments

Are you nodding your head in agreement?

It's totally okay that you are because I know exactly how you're feeling!

You're feeling stuck. So stuck! And so tired of spending hours in front of the computer with no sense of accomplishment. 

And you're wondering when your day will finally come where you can start working with dream clients so you can create the freedom and income you deserve and desire for your business and life!



  • Waking up when you want, grabbing a cup of coffee, and settling down at your computer to check in with your team and dream clients
  • Having more time (and money) for family vacations, date nights, and the self-care days you've dreamed of because you're only working a couple hours a day
  • Working on the things that you do best and that you feel most aligned with. You're confident in your team and it feels amazing to not have to work on the tasks that you're not totally into
  • Knowing that your spouse and kids are proud of your success and supported by the business that you’ve created

The amazing news is-you can absolutely create this. It's all there for you. Just waiting on you to take the first steps. Your dream clients and business is right around the corner.


stand out coaching academy


✓ create, launch, and scale your coaching business

✓ fill your calendar up with dream clients who inspire you

✓and make an impact on the world with your work

This is not your typical "get your coaching business started" program...

  • You're not going to get a password to a portal of a billion modules where you're left feeling overwhelmed
  • You also won't feel like you're going at this alone...once again (I know you need accountability!)

Stand Out Coaching Academy holds the exact information and the same systems I use to work with myself and my 1:1 VIP clients. You're not going to get anything different because...why?

SOCA (that's what everyone calls it) includes the high-touch, group support you need in order to finally make this dream coaching business a reality.

No more scrolling through Pinterest and downloading every freebie out there. You're finally going to be able to focus on one thing, from one teacher. Me.

SOCA delivers everything you need at the pace you need it at. #goodbyeoverwhelm


What my SOCA students are saying...

SOCA was just the program I needed to get my coaching business started on the right foot. I received so much more support than I expected and the value I received from the program far exceeded my investment — I will be going back to the program materials even now that the program is over!
— Roberta O. Roberts
I loved the step by step approach I received in SOCA. My technical skills are lacking and the trainings were easy to follow!! Lindsay is very knowledgeable and helpful in getting all the pieces in place to help your business run smoothly!!
— Theresa Kuhn
SOCA has helped in so many ways. This is a course I will be continually relying on to develop my business. Thank you, Lindsay Maloney, for such great attention to detail and responding to all my questions in a way I could understand.
— Faye Horton

Ready to learn how to create a coaching business, scale it with simplicity, book your dream clients and have tons of support?

Join Stand Out Coaching Academy!

Class begins on July 2

choose from 2 easy payment options:

Have a look at what's inside Stand Out Coaching Academy


(hint: no fluff trainings & high-touch support to take the overwhelm out of your life!)

+ Bi-Weekly Group Calls via Zoom + Recordings ->

to guide and give you full support from me and a network of like minded women. You'll never feel like you're going at this alone. If you can't make it to a scheduled call, don't worry because they will be recorded and accessible to you at anytime!

+ 6 Robust Training Modules ->

dripped out to you ever other week you will get access to a brand new module (with at least 5 trainings underneath it via workbook, video, and or audio that will dive deep into each topic so you're feeling more confident in your business every single day.

+ Access to our Private Facebook Group ->

so you can connect, ask questions, and build community 24/7. You’ll never have to go it alone or feel stuck and unsure how to move forward.

+ Lifetime Access to the Course Materials ->

so you always have a point of reference for your businesses long lasting future.


Plus Get Access to over $800 in Awesome Bonuses!

✓ Good at Tech Portal [$297 value]

You don't have to be super techy to have a successful coaching business! I've got you covered! I've made the tech side of coaching super easy and I'm always adding new training modules. Think of this classroom as a constantly updated, tutorials on demand portal!

✓ Social Media Savvy [$297 value]

Don't have a big following on social media or you're barely there? Not a problem! I'm giving you everything you need so you can be an expert at Instagram and Pinterest (my two favorite platforms for organic marketing and networking). I also share with you my content planning secrets that will save you HOURS of time!

✓ Facebook Ad Essentials Workbook [$87 value]

You don’t have to use Facebook ads to successfully launch your group program, but I’m giving you this workbook because #options! You’ll learn simple Facebook ads strategies to reach a wider audience with your message, without wasting time or throwing away your money.

✓ List-Building Mania Course [$87 value]

Learn simple, insanely effective strategies to grow an engaged list full of soon-to-be buyers with my signature list-building course. This is 6 modules + 5 bonus trainings of pure list-building bliss!

✓ Blog Accelerator Course [$87 value]

This 30 day course is designed to help you get your Squarespace blog up and running - the right way. If starting a blog has been on your to-do list for ages (or you want to revamp the blog you’ve got), this course shows you step-by-step how to finally make it happen!

Sales Page Anatomy Template [$27 value]

Learn exactly how to create an incredible sales page that makes your people want to whip out their credit cards and buy! You’ll save tons of time with this easy-to-use template and workbook that walks you through the entire sales page process.

Ready to learn how to create a coaching business, scale it with simplicity, book your dream clients and have tons of support?

Join Stand Out Coaching Academy!

Class begins on July 2

The Game-Changing Trainings Inside STAND OUT COACHING ACADEMY

These trainings will change the way you run your coaching business so you can finally see the results you've been dreaming about!

+ MODULE 1: Attract Your Ideal Clients ->

  • Recommend daily practices that will set you up for abundance
  • The SOCA Diary
  • Getting the support you need and deserve so you can run your business the way you want it
  • Removing money blocks that could be holding you and your business back
  • Getting into the right mindset so you can run a successful coaching business

+ MODULE 2: Create a Successful Coaching Business Model ->

  • Crafting a business model that you love
  • Learning how to treat our business like a CEO
  • Setting your income goals for your coaching business
  • Knowing your dream client inside and out
  • Becoming a client magnet

+ MODULE 3: Get Visible With Your Dream Clients ->

  • Organic marketing with social media made easy
  • Create perfect content that builds your list
  • List building made easy
  • Craft a coaching funnel that does the work for you
  • Get clients on command from your email list

+ MODULE 4: Create and Sell Irresistible Coaching Packages ->

  • Create an irresistible coaching package
  • How to book discovery calls
  • Mapping out your process so your business runs like clockwork
  • Have the right mindset for discovery calls
  • How to sell your VIP package on a call and online

+ MODULE 5: Streamline the Way You Work with Coaching Clients ->

  • Make a great 1st impression with new clients
  • Get paid what you want for your services
  • Keep clients engaged and inspired so they get results
  • My best practices that clients love and need
  • Client support and boundaries so you don't get overwhelmed

+ MODULE 6: Booking Clients on Autopilot ->

  • Launching your VIP package in a big way
  • Generate high quality leads with an evergreen masterclass
  • Get dream clients applying for discovery calls on autopilot
  • Advanced marketing strategies for coaches
  • Creating high converting pages for your coaching system

Who’s coaching you through this?

Hi!! I’m Lindsay Maloney - business mentor for amazing, creative women entrepreneurs - and your new Business BFF!

I know what it’s like to be meant to do meaningful work, but be so overwhelmed by creating a business from scratch.

Lindsay Maloney

Working a full-time job, raising three children, and being a supportive wife required that I find a way to simplify my coaching business. I’ve always known that helping people was my path, but I’ve had very limited time to make my coaching dreams a reality.

Setting my business up to attract my dream clients has given me the time and financial freedom I need so I can scale my business quicker, be there for my family, and enjoy my lifestyle.

I created Stand Out Coaching Academy so I could teach in a group environment and impact more people at a time. I also saw a big need for a coaching program that actually had a coach running it, in real time. I'm here for you, for 90 days!

I'm a hands on learner - a step-by step kind of gal. And that's how I’ll lead you through this journey - one step at a time.

You can do this, but you don't have to do it alone! I'd love to be by your side and show you the way.




You're perfect for soca if you are:

  • Ambitious, resourceful, go-getting, and ready to take action on Day 1
  • Passionate about helping people achieve huge transformation through your coaching work
  • Working on your business, but it feels like it's at a plateau and the clients are nowhere to be seen
  • Ready to be coachable and learn from someone who has years of experience
  • Just starting and need someone to hold your hand every step of the way

This won't be a good match for you if you are:

  • Just thinking of creating a coaching business and want some strategies to put in your back pocket for later use

  • A fan of making excuses, sitting on the sidelines, or waiting for the “perfect time” to get started (there isn't one btw)

  • More interested in making money and growing your following than helping people

  • Not willing to take uncomfortable action (when we get uncomfortable, great things happen!)

IF YOU’RE READY to double your dream clients then




Choose from 2 simple payment options


+ How long does this program last?

Stand Out Coaching Academy is a 90 day program.

+ Is this in a group setting or one-one-on?

This is a group program.

+ What if I fall behind?

My goal is to help you keep on task every single week. If something comes up and you fall a bit behind, no worries! All bi-weekly LIVE calls are recorded for you to watch when you are able. You will also be a part of a helpful and positive group of coaches who are always willing to assist!

+ What if I already have my business set up, but I'm still looking for your help?

This would be a great and affordable option for you to still get my attention, in a group setting, on you and your business!

+ Will I get any one-on-one time?

Additional one-on-one time is a VIP upgrade you can choose to purchase when you checkout.

+ Are there any payment plans?

Yes, a 12 month payment plan of $97 per month is available. Please be sure to email me if you do not see something that works for you.

+ How is this different from your one-on-one package?

My VIP coaching package is a strictly one-on-one, customized program. If you require more attention and individual guidance, I suggest you purchase that package. The Stand Out Coaching Academy is different because it is in a group setting. I teach the same content throughout all of my programs.

Still have questions?
Email us at hello@lindsaymaloney.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

choose from 2 easy payment options: