How a Food Enthusiast Brought All of Her Passions Together to Create a Business with Anastasia Sharova

Self-Made and Savvy

On today's episode I visit with Anastasia Sharova. Anastasia is the founder of Happy Bellyfish - an online marketplace for cooking classes, food and wine tours, tastings, culinary vacations and nutrition courses.

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Happy Bellyfish was born out of love and respect for food, cultures, environment and happy bellies. There are numerous talented chefs, local producers, farmers and nutrition experts who possess unique cooking skills and knowledge of their cuisines. Finding them and reaching out, however, isn’t always simple – even in your own city!

Happy Bellyfish makes it easy and convenient to learn about food and cooking from cuisines all around the world. It connects foodies with experts and promotes food as a learning medium about ourselves: our bodies, our cultures and our environment.

Anastasia’s connection with healthy food and traditional diets comes from her family. Since her childhood, discussions about nutrition, regional produce and traditional foods were a usual affair at the dining table. She grew up in Russia, surrounded by diverse foods from nearby regions and her family garden, and she saw how eating habits of entire generations were changing over time.

Despite that, she’d never thought that food would become the core of her future company and would bring all her passions together. Her entire life she’s been led by curiosity, not getting convinced by the idea that only a focus on one professional path is possible. Educated as an international lawyer, she went to study and work abroad, and switched her careers from a development aid professional, to a self-taught marketing and product manager and finally to an internet entrepreneur.

While traveling and researching, she realized that the way we produce and consume food impacts not only our individual health, but our cultures, our environment, and our future. Eventually, her personal beliefs, work experience, passion for travel and education came together and the idea of Happy Bellyfish was born.

Currently, Anastasia is based with her family in Germany, where she is building her company and runs occasional food events together with her husband, an Indian hobby chef and IT Consultant.

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