Find and Follow Your Calling with Laura C. Cannon

Self-Made and Savvy

On this episode of Self-Made and Savvy I visit with Laura C. Cannon, the author of The Conscious Entrepreneur. Laura describes herself as a Conscious Creator, Light Shiner, Proud Mama, and Rich Hippie AND also a Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach and Author.

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At age 19 she experienced a series of life-changing events that catalyzed profound spiritual awakening in her life. She spent the 15 years that followed studying in various spiritual disciplines and travelled the world studying with shamans and curanderas in South America and Mexico. She became a yoga teacher and meditation instructor and even in her busy schedule she still teaches meditation and yoga weekly.

But what makes Laura so interesting is that while she definitely has the "spiritual hippie head in the clouds vibe" she is actually completely a feet on the ground type of gal.
She started her first business at 19 and she is a true serial entrepreneur. She owns one of the largest and most successful wedding officiant companies in the United States, along with several other businesses. She is a professional public speaker and author. Her book, The Conscious Entrepreneur: A Guide to Maximizing Your Potential for Success, Freedom, and Happiness was released this summer and is currently available on Amazon.

After spending the last nearly two decades mastering the art of "doing what you love" she now helps others to do the same. As a coach, Laura supports people who have big dreams but struggle with manifesting them in reality AND those who have achieved a lot of real world practical success but still feel like a connection to something deeper is missing. She acts as a bridge to help others get to exactly where they need to be. 

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