Social Media: Stop the Time Suck

Self-Made and Savvy

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On this episode I talk to Leona Martin, a Social Media Coach Tech Geek, and Business Designer.

Social Media is one of the quickest growing and most powerful marketing opportunities for businesses. It's no longer just about finding friends on Facebook or tweeting every second of the day to tell about what's happening – it impacts every aspect of your organization. With this we find ourselves spending way too much time on these Social Media platforms. How can you time manage your Social Media time?

Join me at this roundtable session where we will go over various ways to time manage your social media.

3 walk a ways:
1) Ways to time manage yourself
2) 4 time savings systems you can use now - just pick one and go
3) Hacks to better expand your social media posts

You can find Leona at and on Facebook

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