I'm here to simplify your coaching business!

Lindsay Maloney

Hello, I'm Lindsay!

I'm your new business BFF! I'm obsessed with showing women how to simplify and scale their coaching businesses so they can live the lives they desire and deserve.

What are you ready for?

So glad you're here!

I know what it’s like to be meant to do meaningful work, but be so overwhelmed by creating a business from scratch. Working a full-time job, raising three children, and being a supportive wife required that I find a way to simplify my coaching business. I’ve always known that helping people was my path, but I’ve had very limited time to make my coaching dreams a reality.

The methods I've created and teach have allowed me to run a successful, profitable coaching business AND have the time and financial freedom to be there for my family and enjoy my lifestyle.

I'm a hands on learner - a step-by step kind of gal. And that's how I teach all of my students and clients. 

Lindsay Maloney

You can do this, but you don't have to do it alone! I'd love to be by your side and show you the way.


  • Your calendar filled with discovery calls with potential clients
  • Telling your family about what you do and they don't look super confused!
  • Waking up every morning (super early!) with excitement because you get to work on your business
  • Feeling totally clear on who you will help and how you will help them
  • Having dozens, maybe even hundreds, of new subscribers on your list every week
  • Knowing exactly what you should be doing every day
  • Selling your courses on auto-pilot 

These can no longer be dreams you secretly wish for.

You deserve all of these things and more! I've helped women just like you go from an idea you're keeping to yourself to helping you create your website, blog, and digital courses. Now, it's your turn!