Everything online course creators need to:

✓ launch their group coaching program

✓ fill it with fabulous students

✓and finally create a bigger mark on the world (and more money in your bank account)!

Want access to my exact (feel-good) launching formula to make it happen?


Over the course of 3 months, I made $10K and I'm so happy with my results. Lindsay's approach is so simple and she shares everything. She doesn't hold anything back. She's the kind of coach you need by your side.


Since working with Lindsay I have got 4 private VIP clients and 4 incredible students...


A successful coaching business doesn’t have to mean a completely packed calendar, back-to-back (to back) client calls, or doing it all on your own.

So many coaches struggle to grow their businesses and get stuck in situations like these...

Love to Launch
  • Downloading every free pdf on planet Internet in hopes that the secret to success is waiting inside one of those digital files.

  • Investing way too many dollars in DIY courses, ebooks, and upsells - then hoarding them away unfinished while moving on to (and spending even more money on) the next shiny object.

  • Spending hours each day doing every single task yourself and still not creating leads, clients, or income.

  • Or getting overwhelmed with one-on-one clients and exhausted from being glued to the phone all day.

  • Feeling pressure from your family because you’re always working on your business and spending money to build it, but maybe not seeing a return on those investments.

Those scenarios ring a bell?

Don’t worry - we’ve ALL been there (myself included!)...

...stuck, staring at the computer screen, and wondering when you’ll ever get to have the impact, freedom, and income that got you into coaching in the first place.

You and I both know you’re dying to have a business that looks more like this...

  • Sitting down at your computer everyday, knowing exactly what needs to happen to book discovery calls and sign on dream clients.

  • Having the free time (and extra cash) for family vacations, date nights, and taking care of yourself, because you’re only working a few hours each day.

  • Focusing on what you do best - helping other transform their lives - and being able to outsource the tasks that don’t fit into your zone of genius.

  • Supporting your amazing clients in group programs so you can spend less time on calls and more time with your loved ones.

  • Knowing that your spouse and kids are proud of your success and supported by the business that you’ve created.

The amazing news is - you absolutely can learn how to work just a few hours each day, offer incredible transformation to your clients, and earn a sustainable income as a coach.


A DIY program designed to walk course creators through a simplified process to...

✓ launch your own group coaching program

✓ fill it with fabulous students

✓ and finally create a bigger mark on the world (and more money in your bank account)!


Love to Launch

This is NOT your standard launching system or your typical DIY course

You won’t find a plan that includes countdown timers or an 85 email launch sequence (because spamming your list is not the way to win them over)

You also won’t be bombarded with content, then left to your own devices to figure out how to implement (we both know that’s not what you need!)

Love to Launch is the exact system I use to lovingly launch and fill my own group programs - without the stress, overwhelm, or spammy tactics you see in other launches.

No more scrolling through Pinterest, opting-in to every freebie, trying to figure this out on your own.

Love to Launch gives you a fluff-free, feel-good, fully-supported launch experience!

Ready for a simplified system & tons of support to get your group program created, launched, and filled with amazing clients?

Enroll in Love to Launch!

Choose from 2 easy payment options:


(hint: streamlined trainings & high-touch support to take the overwhelm out of your group program launch!)

+ 16 Training Workbooks →

that dive into the essentials of launching (without any unnecessary steps). You get all of the calendars, copy, and checklists that I personally use to launch and fill my own group programs. Tried, tested, and truly amazing.

+ Lifetime Access to the Course Materials →

so you can tweak and use the Love to Launch system for every single launch you do - forever!

+ Lesson 1: Pre-Launch Planning + Program Creation →

  • Everything you need to prepare yourself and get set up for a successful launch
  • Learn how to break open your great idea, turn it into an amazing group program, and set your to-dos for your entire launch

+ Lesson 2: Launch Goal Setting + The Email Planner →

  • Learn how to set your income goals (the smart way) every time you launch
  • See your entire launch email plan laid out, and know exactly which emails go out on which days so you never get overwhelmed or confused

+ Lesson 3: Email Automation + The Warm Up Email Series →

  • Learn how to set up email automation so you can free up your time for serving clients
  • “Warm up” your audience with an email series that gets them excited about your program before you even launch it
  • Get the exact copy I use in my own launches and instructions on when and who to send it to

+ Lesson 4: Challenge Creation + The Challenge Email Series →

  • Learn how to create a run a fun, free challenge that gets your audience excited, builds know/like/trust, and helps build anticipation for your program
  • Get the exact email copy I use for my own free challenges and instructions on when and who to send it to

+ Lesson 5: Webinar Planning + Slide Creation →

  • Learn how to confidently run webinars that get watched and help you sell spots in your program
  • Create slides and make sure everything is in place for your webinars to run smoothly

+ Lesson 6: The Webinar Email Series + LIVE Video →

  • Get the exact email copy I use for my own webinars and instructions on when and who to send it to
  • Use my “LIVE for 5” strategy to add intense personality to your launches, be relatable, and build major trust with your audience

+ Lesson 7: The Sales Email Series + Getting Testimonials →

  • Get the exact email copy I use to sell my group programs and instructions on when and who to send it to
  • Learn how to get glowing client testimonials when you’re launching your program for the first time

+ Lesson 8: Student Onboarding + Post Launch Strategy →

  • Learn the best way to welcome new students into your program and look like a pro - even if you’re a total newbie
  • Assess your launch after the fact, learn how to improve for the next round, and what to do if you didn’t hit your income goal

Plus Get Lifetime Access to These Awesome Bonuses!


List-Building Mania Course

$87 value

Learn simple, insanely effective strategies to grow an engaged list full of soon-to-be buyers with my signature list-building course. This is 6 modules + 5 bonus trainings of pure list-building bliss!


Sales Page Anatomy Template

$87 value

Learn exactly how to create an incredible sales page that makes your people want to whip out their credit cards and buy! You’ll save tons of time with this easy-to-use template and workbook that walks you through the entire sales page process.


Facebook Ad Essentials Workbook

$87 value

You don’t have to use Facebook ads to successfully launch your group program, but I’m giving you this workbook because #options! You’ll learn simple Facebook ads strategies to reach a wider audience with your message, without wasting time or throwing away your money.

Blog Accelerator Course

$87 value

This 30 day course is designed to help you get your Squarespace blog up and running - the right way. If starting a blog has been on your to-do list for ages (or you want to revamp the blog you’ve got), this course shows you step-by-step how to finally make it happen!

If you’re ready for a simplified system

Enroll in Love to Launch!

Who’s serving up this savvy launch support?

Untitled design (91).png

Hi!! I’m Lindsay Maloney - business mentor for amazing, creative female entrepreneurs - and your new Business BFF!

I know what it’s like to feel meant to do meaningful work, but be so overwhelmed by creating a business from scratch.

Working a full-time job, raising three children, and being a supportive wife required that I find a way to simplify my coaching business. I’ve always known that helping people was my path, but I’ve had very limited time to make my coaching dreams a reality.

Group programs have allowed me to run a successful, profitable coaching business AND have the time and financial freedom to be there for my family and enjoy my lifestyle.

I created Love to Launch to teach you my exact process for launching so you can get your own group program out into the world with the guidance and support you need!

I'm a hands on learner - a step-by step kind of gal. And that's how I’ll lead you through this journey - one step at a time.

You can do this, but you don't have to do it alone! I'd love to be by your side and show you the way.



Find out for sure if Love to Launch is right for you

You’re a perfect fit if you are…

  • Ready to leverage your time and launch a group program in the very near future.

  • Ambitious, resourceful, go-getting, and ready to take action on Day 1.

  • Passionate about helping people achieve huge transformation through your coaching work.

  • Totally OVER the spammy launch strategies and want a simple, non-sleazy way to fill your programs.

This won’t be a good match if you are…

  • Just thinking about a group program and want some strategies to put in your back pocket for later use.

  • A fan of making excuses, sitting on the sidelines, or waiting for the “perfect time” to get started.

  • More interested in making money than helping people.

  • Totally into long marketing emails, countdown timers, and the whole “used car salesman” way of selling.

Want to save time, serve more people, and earn more income with group coaching programs?

Love to Launch will show you how

(and make sure you feel good throughout the process)!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so busy already. How much time will I need to commit to this program?

Like everything in life, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out! With that said, it’s completely DIY so you’re allowed to go at the pace that feels right for you.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! I want to make this program accessible to everyone, that’s why we’re offering the 12 month payment plan. Your card will be charged on the same date each month until all payments are made.

What makes this program different than all the other launch courses out there?

Two things make this program amazingly different. First, I don’t believe in being spammy or “salesy”, so the style of launch you’ll learn is free of sleazy tactics. This is the exact system I use to launch and fill my own programs, so I know it works

Will I really be ready to launch my program in only 8 weeks? What if I need more time?

If you follow along and complete the work as we go, you will be ready to launch in 8 weeks. But if you need more time - no sweat! You have full access to the program materials, so you can go at your own pace.

Do I need to invest in a lot of software and technology for this to work for me?

You only need the basics to make this work for you - a website, email marketing software (like Mailchimp, Convertkit, MailerLite, etc.), and a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Can I use this program to launch something other than a group coaching program?

The principles in Love to Launch could apply to launching other types of programs or products. Please keep in mind, though, that this system has only been tested with group coaching.

Still have questions?
Email hello@lindsaymaloney.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Want to save time, serve more people, and earn more income with group coaching programs?

Love to Launch will show you how

(and make sure you feel good throughout the process)!