For the daring and creative woman like you who has big ideas for her business and needs to grow her list.

This course was designed just for you my friend. It is completely possible for you to grow your list without spending a ton of money, wasting a lot of time, and taking up all of your energy.

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What would it feel like to...

Lindsay Maloney
  • See your email list growing with an audience that's excited to buy from you
  • Finally have clarity on what your audience wants from you
  • Save time. No more spending aimless hours in front of the computer without knowing what to work on next
  • Figure out where the women who can't wait to buy from you are hanging out
  • Create the perfect lead magnet that will have people flocking to your email list
  • Build an email list of women who can't wait to buy from you

It's ALL possible with my List Building Mania course! I'll show you how!

LBM Student LOVE

I wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how much I LOVED your course List Building Mania! I found it through the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and I can honestly say it is the best list-building course I’ve found. I took lots of notes and will probably re-take it often to refresh myself!
— Jessica -
Lindsay’s List Building Mania was so helpful! I learned some valuable tips and put them to use right away as I was preparing to launch a new FB Course and wanted to get off to a great list building start. With Lindsay’s modules and coaching calls, I gained some clarity around what I needed to ensure my list building activities and course launch were a success and they were!
— Keasha -

Here's why I do this work:

I created List Building Mania when I realized that so many creative women like you in the online business world were struggling with finding the right methods to build their list without wasting time and money on strategies that actually wouldn't grow their list.

I know how it feels to try and look for answers by listening to a ton of podcasts, reading blog posts, scrolling endlessly through Pinterest, and downloading every freebie you can find, but never getting the help you really needed. I've studied the problem for more than 5 years and have found the solution! 

I want women to know that list building can actually be really fun. It doesn't have to be overwhelming or take a bunch of your time every single day.

Lindsay Maloney

I know what it's like to:

  • Have spent hours in front of my computer doing "busy work"
  • Constantly check my email account to see if any subscribers signed up in the last two minutes
  • Feel completely frustrated that I have this amazing site, but no one is showing up

There is so much conflicting information out there that will leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and completely exhausted. I knew I had to create a step by step system that people could use and implement ASAP.

List Building Mania is your solution!

Here's how it works:


Your Virtual Welcome Basket

This is where I introduce you to the technology so you start off feeling totally secure and comfortable so you are ready to start!


Know Your Tribe

We are going to get clear and focused on where your clients are hanging out and lead them from a girl you met at the coffee shop to a long lasting biz bestie.


Create Clever Copy

I'll teach you my step by step easy to follow, proven method to writing copy. No English degree required! You will learn how to write copy that your readers will wonder, "how in the world does she know exactly how I feel?"


List Building

I will teach you the best list building skills that are working RIGHT NOW! There is no fluff in this module. You will only learn the skills and processes that will actually give you results (almost immediately.)


Strategic Like a Boss

Never wonder again what you should be doing every day. Learn the best ways to stay organized and to be strategic with your list building strategy. This skill will not only help you build your list, but will also help you create your products, schedule your blog posts, and do anything and everything when it comes to content in your business.


Product Creation

Know you need a list, but not sure how to create the actual product? Learn my tried, tested, and true methods of creating all of my digital products. I will walk you through the best and most efficient ways to create, save, store, and expose all of the digital work that you do.

Because I want you to have every single tool you need to succeed, I have 5 special bonuses for you!

List Building Mania

1. How to Find Your Blogging Sweet Spot: Sometimes it's really difficult to figure out where you belong in the online business world. Stop dabbling and finally narrow down what you're good at and who you are meant to help.

2. 30 Ideas for Content Upgrades: Want more ways to build your list? This is where it all is! This is a great guide to keep in your back pocket when you're looking for more ways to be creative in your content creation and marketing.

3. Create and Opt-In that Converts: It isn't enough to just create an incredibly amazing digital freebie or product...your opt-in is the first thing people see and it needs to be GOOD, CLEAR, and SIMPLE.

4. Social Media Planning Sheets: Plan out your content and make sure you are one step ahead of the game with these awesome planning sheets created for lady bosses who like to know exactly what's going on.

5. List Building Strategies for Handmade Businesses: Handmade businesses need to build their lists too! I put together a guide for all you creatives out there to put to use and start building your list!

6. Facebook Ads: learn how to create ads in Facebook and how to find the perfect audience!

Total Investment: $87

join over 700 students!

Here's How Your business Will Look Radically Different After You Complete List Building Mania

  • You will be clear on what your market wants from you
  • You will be able to work on things you adore the most and stop wasting so much time
  • You will be able to use these strategies over and over again in your business
  • Your email list will be full of highly engaged/soon to be buyers
  • People will get excited when they see your name in their inbox
  • You'll have the right foundation built for your sales funnels
I signed up for Lindsay’s List Building Mania (LBM) course recently. As someone who has been on tons of courses since I started my blog in mid-2017, LBM’s one of the standout courses I’ve been on. The course is compact but covers a lot of key areas as you are building your subscription list. I particularly loved her strategies on discovering your blogging audience/ “sweetspot” (tweaked my tagline after that module!) as well as the AMEN and note-card methods for creating blog content! Lindsay also introduces a few key resources and tools she uses that I’ve found to be very handy and extremely useful. Also, a little bonus – she designs some of the most beautiful and professional opt-ins and pdfs I’ve ever seen (trust me, I’ve seen a TON). All in all – a great course I totally recommend!
— Sara -
Before List Building Mania I was waaaay overthinking my freebies and my optin forms. I was making everything way more complicated than it had to be and getting caught up on the techy stuff. Now, I have several clean and simple free pdf downloads that grow my email list consistently month over month. And the bonus downloads included got my creative juices flowing enough that I have a pretty awesome backstock of ideas for more freebies and content upgrades to add in as my blog grows.
— Mallory -

Are you ready to experience this transformation?

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join over 700 students!


Got questions? Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask, along with my responses! If you've got more questions, don't hesitate to email me at

+ Do I need already have a list?

This course is for anyone at any stage of their business if they are looking for new, proven, and fresh ways to grow their list and business. There are no particular skill sets required. You just have to be willing to learn and put in the work to see your amazing results.

+ Do I have to spend extra money on programs or software to take part in this course?

Nope! The course is housed on Teachable. Once you purchase the course you will receive a special email with instructions on how to access.

+ What about email service providers? Will you tell me which one(s) you recommend?

Absolutely! I will not leave you guessing on such an important factor!

+ How long does this course take?

If you want to push through in a weekend, go for it! Take as long as you need to get what you want out of it. I recommend going through it all and then going back through again as you start implementing everything I'm teaching you.

+ How do I get support while I'm taking the course?

My support team and I would be happy to address any questions, hurdles, or concerns as you go through this course. You can email us at

+ How long do I get access?


+ How long will it take for me to see growth?

This course gives you the exact strategies that my clients and I have used to see massive growth in our lists. If you implement everything in this course then you will see massive results, no doubt.

Join over 700 students!

your raving fans are waiting for you! let's get them on your list!