Lindsay Maloney

You’ve read all of the self-help books.

You’re saying your affirmations.

You’re writing on your mirror.

And you’re quoting spiritual teachers like it’s your full time job…

And yet, your coaching business is NOT living its best life…

Let’s fix that.

 Introducing Confident Coaching Collective.


It’s time for you to…

☼ Be the coach everyone wants to work with

☼ Have that big breakthrough you’ve been waiting for

☼ Take your coaching business to the next level and finally hit those money goals

☼ Work through your money blocks and actually clear them for good

☼ Have the confidence you need to take the next step in your business

☼ See the fruits of your labor actually come to fruition

☼ Use your intuition to guide your business and always trust that you’re going in the right direction

☼ Be yourself and stop trying to be perfect

☼ Get unstuck and finally feel like your higher self

☼ Reprogram your mind so you can operate at a whole new level

☼ Charge premium prices with complete confidence

☼ Have an abundant mindset so that’s all you attract

If you’re ready to find the answers within, then the Confident Coaching Collective is exactly what you need.

If you’re ready to find the answers within, then the Confident Coaching Collective is exactly what you need.

I know exactly how you feel.

Lindsay Maloney

i know exactly how you feel

☼ You’ve invested thousands of dollars into your business and learned form the best, and yet you’re still waiting for clients and sales to come in

You’re sick of getting on discovery calls, feeling like this is the one… and then they tell you that “now's just not the time,” or they’re going to work with another coach

☼ You feel like a fraud and you keep asking yourself, “Who am I to do this? I can’t help clients get clients because I can’t even get clients!”

You’re tired of money going out and nothing coming in


i also know what it’s like to…

☼ Bring more than 5x my full time income every single month just from doing what I love

☼ Charge premium prices for my coaching services and programs with complete confidence

☼ Know my purpose and live it every single day

☼ Have complete trust in my businesses growth

☼ Feel the major shifts in my life and business after doing the deep, inner work

☼ Remove all of the blocks that were holding me back in my business

☼ Feel completely aligned with the business I created

☼ Rewire my brain to operate on a whole new level so I can be my higher self

It’s your turn to own who you are and believe you are worthy enough to have the coaching business of your dreams!


You have the answers within. Let me help you find them.

☼ You’ve done all of the conscious work and you’re ready to open up and listen to your sub conscious

☼ You’re ready to change the way you coach and believe it’s time you step it up

☼ You’r ready to stop wasting time and learn how to actually make this happen for you

☼ You’re ready to give your coaching business a massive upgrade

☼ You’re ready to unlock your sense of purpose

☼ You’re ready to scale your business mindfully

Confident Coaching Collective is a 9 Week program that consists of high level mindset therapy and coaching 

We will focus on 3 key areas that hold coaches back from achieving their dreams:

☼ Finding your purpose, confidence, and money.

☼ 3 group therapy sessions

☼ 3 group support calls.

☼ Private Facebook group.

☼ Email support

And of course, bonuses!

☼ Bonus: 1 1:1 session with me

☼ Wellness Pack