How to Sell Out Your Group Coaching Program Without Spending Money on Ads

Want to launch a group coaching program, but you're worried about not having enough money for marketing? Good news! YOU DON'T NEED ANY!

I am all for investing in my business. Whether its coaching, courses, or marketing, I'm all in. But, I really wanted to prove something to myself and to all of my clients. And that was, you don't have to spend any money on ads to sell out a group coaching program.

The reason why I decided make such a big point was because I was tired of hearing really great launch success stories and then only finding out, in the end of course, that their ad budget was thousands and thousands of dollars. That just discouraged me and it was a bit intimidating. It made me feel like it didn't matter if I did everything right pre and post launch or if I had a really great program to sell and all that mattered was my ad budget. #kindofabummer

My audience is primary new coaches and I don't know about you, but when I first started coaching, I didn't have $5K to drop on ads alone. I knew this was something that had to be done and I had to come up with a winning strategy that I could implement, perfect, repeat, and teach.

My goal was to inspire any and everyone into starting their own online business or course without feeling intimated with ad spend. If your main goal is to serve and provide value, people will will be loyal to you and your products. I can guarantee it.

I totally get it. I know you need to have strategic marketing, especially in a launch, but I wanted to try doing it a little bit differently and a bit against the grain. And guess what? I sold out my course.

The course I launched was SOCA (Stand Out Coaching Academy). I set a small goal of $5,000. I am very involved with the students in this program. They each have the upgraded VIP plan where they get a set of 7 one-on-one sessions, we have a weekly group call, and I do my best to answer their questions as they come in my inbox or through our Facebook group during office hours. I knew that 5 clients, for this particular course, was all I could handle at this capacity.

When I decided I wasn't going to run any ads, I had to come up with some key strategies that would really help me build my list and keep them really warm, so they're ready to buy. I focused on 3 key factors;


Freebies: I created multiple freebies that pertained to what my ideal student would need. Once they signed up for my freebie I would tag them as a lead. 

Webinars: I ran 3 different different webinars. The first one I did was pitch free and offered a ton of value. This was just an additional list building strategy I had up my sleeve. The next two that I did had sales pitches in them. I had really great conversion rates on my webinar landing pages, they averaged around 80%. The live attendance rate was industry standard, about 30%.

I made a note for my next launch and that was run the same webinar multiple times. That way I can fit into more calendars and not have to create so many presentations.

5 Day Challenge: I also ran a challenge group that lasted 5 days. I delivered high quality content all week by going LIVE in the Facebook group every single day. I taught on a different topic every single day. I made sure to teach something that would lead my challengers into being interested in the upcoming webinar. I also created an amazing workbook for the challenge and emailed the challengers daily as well. 

The challenge went so well. I didn't run ads to this either. We were a small and intimate group and every single student in SOCA was, in fact, in the challenge. #valueisking


Instagram: Normally I post once per day, but for three weeks leading up to the launch I scheduled out 4, yes 4, posts per day. Like I said, I wasn't running ads, so I had to be really intentional with how I was showing up daily. So, I made sure I was showing up multiple times in their feed and I also created Insta Stories that pertained to my freebie, webinars, and/or sales page.

FACEBOOK: I housed my challenge group in Facebook and it worked really well. I used to go live inside the challenge group when I wanted to share my screen as well. No glitches whatsoever. I've been using Zoom for years and I absolutely trust and love it.

I also shared all of my Instagram posts to my business page and to Twitter. To do this, really simply, just use an Instagram scheduler like Later.  

PINTEREST: I created pins for my freebies, the five day challenge, and my webinars. I pinned them to my board, the board groups I belong to, and all of the Tailwind Tribes I'm apart of. 


I was really meticulous with my email strategy. I wrote about 40 emails for the entire launch. Some of these emails went to my whole list and some only went to the warm leads.

I kept track of all of my emails in a spreadsheet and I also used my giant white board calendar as well...because you have to use it during a launch! And don't forget all of the bright colored post-its, they're a must during a launch too! 

I kept track of my emails a couple of different ways because I wanted to be sure I had the strategy saved somewhere (spreadsheets) and I also wanted to be able to walk over to my desk and look at my white board and know which email is going out which day and when. 

I gave my all for this launch because I had a point to prove and I was so happy when I finally did it! I even had more marketing strategies up my sleeve once the doors were shut (you know they never really shut right?), but I didn't have to use them because I was maxed out! Such a good feeling!

I've launched small and I've launched big. I know what that what I do, works. And there are definitely some things that I did during my last launch that I will not be doing again any time soon. #onlydowhatworks

It's funny, because the things that I really enjoyed doing, like the challenge and the webinars, worked the absolute best! And the strategies I didn't totally love, didn't work as well. The Universe is on my side!

I know it can be really difficult to wrap your head around all the things you need to do, so be sure you give yourself plenty of time, schedule out your days so you know what needs to be done, and stick to it. I like to give myself about 45-60 days to prep thoroughly for a launch. 

My goal is to always have everything done way in advance, so all I have to do is focus on selling during my webinars and giving my all during my 5 day challenges. It takes a lot of energy to do these things and you don't want to waste it by frantically writing emails or planning our social media posts. 

Keep in mind I do work a full time job and have three kids, so if I can pull thi

So, what's holding you back from launching your group coaching program? I'd love it if you would download my brand new freebie, the Love to Launch Toolkit. I'm sharing all of my favorite tips so you're next launch will take you by surprise in a good way!




12 Apps Every Ladypreneur Needs to Have

Don't you just wish that you could have a peek at what app's all the cool ladypreneurs are using?

While I don't claim to be very "cool," (I'm so cool, that I still use air quotes...) I do have some really great app's that I use almost every day and I decided that I should share them with you!

12 Apps.png

Alright, let's just get right to it, shall we?

Asana: This is an absolute lifesaver! Asana is a project management system. All of my daily tasks are laid out in a calendar format for me to easily check off, which I love doing! I also do a weekly brain dump and organize my thoughts and to-do's here as well. 

Another thing I love to use Asana for is creating business workflows. When I sign on clients, for example, all I need to do is refer to my client onboarding process to make sure that I am being consistent and thorough. I show all of my clients how I use it and how they can make use of it in their business as well. 

I love having this on my desktop as well because it gives me the full picture, which is always nice. I use this app several times a day! (I use the free version). 

Color Story: Ever wonder how you can get that beautiful and colorful photo that everyone seems to be posting on Instagram? Or what about that bright white background? A Beautiful Mess created this amazing app that will help you do just that. This is is a great tool that you can use to edit all of your photos! The filters are incredible and I love to play around with them. I paid to get all the extra filters, because..duh. :)

Setmore: I use this app (also on my desktop) for all of my scheduling. Clients book their discovery calls and power hours with me here. The app will automatically notify me that someone has booked a service and then the workflow continues on from there! It's really easy to create your services and I love how the calendar is laid out as well. I've tried many other scheduling apps and this is by far, my favorite.

Later: I've used this app for years to schedule out and post all of my Instagram content. I plan everything and load up my calendar on my desktop and then the app will send me a push notification when something is ready to post. It won't do it for you (so it's Instagram friendly), but it takes two seconds. I save all of my hashtags in there as well, so I don't have to scramble every time I post something. You can use it for free and plan up to 30 posts per month which is a steal!

Storeo: LOVE THIS! This app makes posting Insta Stories so much easier! You can take a video of yourself in one shot and then it will splice it up for you to post to your story! I don't know about you, but I hate it when I'm talking and the little circle runs out and then I forget what I was saying...and I end up looking silly. This app makes you look like a #instastorypro.

Zoom: I use Zoom for all of my webinars, client calls, and power hours. Most of the time I run it on my desktop, but the app works just the same. I have the paid version because I record all of my calls and give them to my clients to keep.

Wordswag: This is a great tool to use when you want to create a really awesome looking infographic! 

Mailerlite: I use Mailerlite for my email service provider and I love popping into the app to check on my automations and subscribers. It has a very clean layout, which I'm totally into.

Voxer: Who didn't play with walkie-talkies when they were little? This is a great communication tool that I use to keep in contact with clients. I want them to know that while we work together I am at their fingertips. Sometimes it's better and easier to say things rather than text or email.

Google Drive/Sheets/Docs: I put these all together because they belong to the same family. I use Google for everything. It is so nice to use the app and know that all the information is saved automatically and it syncs up to your work that you may be doing on your desktop. I use Google Drive to store all of my work and to share files with clients.

Mirroring: I love using this app when I'm doing a training for a client or a webinar and I need to show them my phone screen, while I'm using it, on the desktop. It will mirror what I'm doing on my phone and push the image to my computer screen, which makes teaching and learning super easy and interactive!

She Reads Truth:  This is not work related, but very important. I try really hard to read a bit from the Bible every day. Sometimes life gets hectic and I'm not able to open it up, so having this app really helps me stay grounded and committed to continuing my spiritual journey with God.

There you have it, my loves! Tell me which apps you're going to download and also tell me which apps you couldn't live without! 

7 Things I Do Daily to Grow My Coaching Business

Do you have those non-negotiable tasks that absolutely have to get done every single day? Or do you just kind of wing it?

I know what it's like to wing it and it sure isn't fun or productive. For me anyways. This is what happened to me when I had zero routine or direction in my coaching business.

I would sit down to work in the afternoon and I would stare at my screen trying to think of what to do. If I couldn't think of anything then I'd hop on over to Facebook. Once I validated that nothing is really happening over there, I'd open another tab and search something that had been on my mind all day. Then I'd get bored and go grab a snack thinking that that would help me think better.

And of course, I'd have to hop over to my email and see if I had any new subscribers come in recently. Zero. Hmm, must be a slow week/month/year...

After seeing zero dollars come into my business for MONTHS, I finally had to be honest with myself and ask some big questions.

  • What are you doing here?
  • Why do you sit here every day?
  • Why do you feel what you do is important and who do you want to help?

I knew my purpose was important and I knew that I had not lost my passion for what I do, but something was off and I needed to fix it.

I'm a big rule follower and I love a good list, so what I decided to do, was create very specific tasks and block out time for every single important thing that I knew I absolutely had to do in order for my business to move forward. I couldn't stand another day of staring at my computer screen, "working."

I also knew there were some very basic, yet crucial, things that I needed to implement daily that would help me stay focused and in control of my time. Because, let's face it, when you have three kids, time is precious!

7 Things I Do Daily to Grow My Coaching Business:

WAKE UP EARLY: I've always been an early riser. Especially after having kids. On most days, it's the only time that I have to myself to get whatever I need to get done with minimal interruptions. If you're not a morning person and you have no desire to be, then that's okay. Think about YOUR best hours and make them a priority. 

CONNECT WITH CLIENTS: When you start booking clients, make them a priority. I run my business in a way that I am easily accessible to my clients. They can reach me by text, Voxer, or email whenever they need me.

I always take care of them first because they are most important. I know what it's like to start out and feel totally alone. I also know what it's like to hire a coach that over delivers and doesn't follow through on their promise of open communication. When you're working on your business and you have a question, you want an answer! And I believe you deserve one as quickly as possible from someone you chose to hire to help you.

FOLLOW UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: Get in and get out! Check your notifications, respond and follow up with what's necessary, and click on that exit button! Do NOT get lost in this time sucking land! Your time is worth so much more than getting caught up in a Facebook feed.

TRANSFER PAPER TO-DO LISTS AND PHONE NOTES TO MY PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: As I said before, I'm all about lists. I realized one day that my lists on my phone and pieces of paper were getting out of hand. So, now I make a point to dump all that information into sorted categories and tasks in my project management system.#brainsaver

REVIEW THE UPCOMING DAY: If I get done early with my daily assignments and tasks, I pick something that’s ahead of me to get a head start on, if I feel like it. If I don't feel like it, then I'll call it a day and move on with my life. I also wouldn't know what's happening tomorrow if it wasn't written down, so this is also just an important refresher. Especially for the forgetful ones like me out there :)

JOURNAL: Before I read my books at night I take a few minutes to journal. Some nights I'll write more than others, but I love to write down different moments of the day that stick out in my mind and reflect on them. 

READ: I am constantly trying to better myself. Whether it's a business book or personal development (I usually read two at the same time), I always seek more information and ways I can improve on myself and what I do. My reading time is usually the last thing I do before the day ends, when it's quiet, and I can really focus. I usually only just read 8 or so pages from each book and then call it good.

Some things I would like to add to my list is working out daily (I got off track after this last baby!), add one or two books to my nightly list, and tighten up my office hours.

So, tell me what kinds of things to you do in your day that are non-negotiable? What tasks do you think you could add to your calendar that would push your business forward a little bit every single day? Start implementing and testing what works best for you. And if you're still feeling lost, then ask someone that you trust, for help!

How to Start Your Coaching Business From Home

I remember the feeling all to well. And it sometimes creeps up on me still. The feeling that is difficult to describe, yet very strong. The phrase that comes to my mind when I put myself back in this place is, "I know I was made to do more."

How to Start Your Coaching Business From Home

I remember feeling guilty for wanting to do more with my life. I almost felt spoiled or ungrateful for wanting something in addition to my perfect little family and my full time job. 

It took me a long time to realize that I was worthy of my dreams. Even if the path to my dreams was a bit foggy, I had to keep telling myself that I was worthy and I could do anything if I really wanted to.

I always knew I wanted to help people in some way and that's why starting my own coaching business was the perfect thing for me to do. 

Creating and operating my business while I can work from home has allowed me to achieve my lifelong dream of teaching. I had always secretly wished I would have gone to school to be a teacher, but I didn't have the confidence to go for it and I switched to a degree that I felt more comfortable with. #everythinghappensforareason

When you Google "how to work from home" a billion search results come up. I remember how frustrating it was to see these gimmicky websites promising women and moms, who ached to contribute more to themselves and to their families, the world. 

Women tend to be really good at this one thing. Not giving themselves enough, if any, credit. They don't realize they have a gift, whether big or small, that they could offer to the world. They think they're too boring and basic and that no one would ever want to take advice from them. 

Women are also really good at writing down a million (brilliant) ideas about what they want to do with their lives and then setting them aside because good ol' doubt kicks in.

I'm here to change that up for you. No more doubt. No more sighing as you crumble up yet another piece of paper. And no more feeling like you're not capable.

Because you are. You so are.

If you're the type of girl who really feels like she's meant to do more and you have a ton of ideas, let's sit down and chat.

I want to ask you some questions:

  1. When you look at your list of ideas, which one jumps out at you and makes your heart pound a bit harder? If you have more than one, that's okay.
  2. This idea you have, is it something that people already recognize you for being really good at? For example, let's say you love planning weddings (you planned yours yourself and some relatives as well)  and now that you think about it, a lot of people come to you for advice...
  3. Why do they come to you for advice?
  4. Are you excited when people ask you about this topic? 
  5. Could you go on and on for hours about it?

Then, my love, I think we have something here! If you're constantly giving out free advice and feel like you're ready to make something of this, then I am begging you to stop running away from the fact that you totally got this! The world needs you!

Let's dig deeper. When I first started my coaching business (7 years ago, I was a personal trainer), I had a gmail address, a dream, and some really cute notebooks. I knew I wanted to work with people and help them reach their goals and when I finally got my website up I had no clue how to build my business for long term growth. 

I was totally lost on:

  • how to get traffic to my site
  • how to book clients
  • how to speak with clients. Should I do video? Should I record it? How do they schedule time?
  • how to sell my programs and packages
  • how to follow up 
  • how to nurture the teeny tiny audience I had
  • how often to post on social media
  • how often to blog

I had no clue! And these were just basic things. I can't even tell you how frustrated and lost I felt the more I learned about launching, advertising, sales funnels, and everything else in between!

I tried so many different software programs and tools until I was happy. I dug deep and sometimes I would come out a complete mess and sometimes I would come out wiping my hands together in satisfaction. 

I got so frustrated constantly searching for answers from various gurus.

Why does it seem like no one ever wants to tell you what they actually use unless they're an affiliate for something?

I want you to succeed and I'm not going to hide anything from you. That's why I'm giving you a list of every single tool that I use in my business right now. No fluff, just a list. 

This is how I treat my one on one clients. I don't hand them a confused map of random steps and suggestions of what they should do and say "good luck!" I tell them what to do, when to do it, and how. 

That's all we really ever want when we're trying something new right? The exact steps from someone who's been there and from someone you can trust is what will get you to where you want and deserve to be!

5 Ways to Book More Clients

If you're a business coach, the biggest thing on your mind is probably booking clients. When you're just starting out or you're in a slump it can feel like you'll NEVER get your first client. And then after you do get your first client and the excitement dies off, you wonder how you'll get your next one. And the next. And the next.

5 Ways to Book More Clients

It's a never-ending circle we like to travel. But, if you're doing the right things and you're giving it all you got then I guarantee that they will find you.

My first two high paying clients found me on Instagram and Twitter and I had a tiny audience of less than 100 people!

So, here are 5 of my favorite ways you can book more clients:

Be Super Helpful All of the Time:

First note that being super helpful does not require you to link yourself up every time you offer a piece of advice. That's a little tacky. When someone asks a question, be it on a forum, blog post comments, social media, etc. all you are going to do is...answer it. You're going to answer it and you're going to be friendly and super helpful. What happens when you do that? People want to know more about YOU without you telling them yourself. They're going to seek you out and find out what you're all about. So be prepared! Make sure your website is ready for potential clients and your social media platforms are professional because these are their go-to places.

Join Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are an incredible way to network and give your two cents (when asked). I've gotten a client within 1 week of joining a Facebook group all because I was the first to chime in with helpful advice. My favorite Facebook group right now is Online Business BFF's.

Show Up Every Day:

Don't stress out about being EVERYWHERE! You don't need to be everywhere. You just need to be consistent. If you blog once a week then keep doing it. If you post on Instagram 3 times a week then keep doing it. Think about where your audience and potential clients are and put yourself there. Being consistent shows them that they can count on you.

Write Blog Posts Your Clients Would Love to Read:

What do your clients want? What do they think they need? You should be able to pinpoint this right away. If you're stuck come here and I'll help you find your niche!

Join Pinterest Boards to Boost Your Exposure

My traffic has never grown so fast since I stepped up my Pinterest game. Joining boards that relate to your niche and promoting other pins is key to growing your exposure. I'd be happy to have you join our new board here!

Okay so now you have the 5 Ways to Book More Clients it's time you grab the Ultimate Guide to Booking Clients!