Why You Need to Start List Building and How to Do it

We all started somewhere.

We all started with zero subscribers with no clue on how to actually get that number to change.

We all felt that overwhelming feeling of, “if I could just actually get a jump start, then I’d be golden.”

You almost wish when you signed up for an email service provider that they would give you 100 subscribers for free. Just to boost your confidence. I wish, huh?!

But, instead we have to start from scratch like all the biggies once did. Have you started building your list yet? Or is your list some abandoned ghost town? Either way, we must get it working for you.

Here’s why. Your list is going to be your biggest sales tool. If you do it correctly that is. Yeah, there always seems to be a catch, but I’m just being honest. You can go in the wrong way and you can go in the right way. So, it basically all starts with mindset.

Like all things in life, having the right mindset is going to get you the results that you deserve and desire. If your main goal is to get your readers to just empty out their wallets without you giving them any value whatsoever...I really don’t think the Universe will respond well to that. But, if you start your list off with good intentions and provide value ALL THE TIME then you will be good to go.

I have a brand new course out and I’m super excited to finally unveil it!

I’m so excited about this course because I know exactly how hard it was to just get started. For months I made mistakes and I don’t want that for you. I want you to have confidence in your dreams and see continuous growth. The online business world is a tough one and it’s really hard to do it alone.

And incase you didn’t know- I work from home full time for a large corporation, own my business, and I have two kiddos (soon to be three). I know how to make the most of my time, stay organized, focused, and I know how to get stuff done!