Why You Need to Grow Your List and How to Do It

Imagine your circle growing bigger and thicker every single day. Imagine having an audience that chose to hear what you have to say whenever you feel the need to say it. Imagine having a group of people that are truly interested in what you have to offer in your business. That's a good email list. 

Social Media is great. And I'm sure you may have a lot more followers on social media than subscribers on your email list. This is fairly common and completely ok. But, imagine that one day Instagram decides to start charging it's users $150/month to use it. Or what if they just shut down? Yes, this seems very unlikely to happen to such a biggie like Instagram, but what if it did though? Do you remember all of your followers names? That's what I thought.

Your email list is yours and yours alone. You own it. It's your responsibility to give everyone on this list content that will benefit them in some way or another. 

I've been talking about email lists for quite some time now because I truly believe it's a crucial way to build your business, make sales, and nurture relationships. Have you downloaded all of the free workbooks and cheatsheets I've given out this month?