Why are emails so important?


I think we all can admit that emails, are kind of annoying. BUT, when you get an email from someone who seems to always be reading your mind or they always provide some type of value; you are sure to open those. And you're sure to read them. 

Ole Henriksen

What if you're the person sending the emails. Are you providing value and reading your subscribers minds? Are you creating a community and building relationships? Or are you completely one sided and talkin' like a car salesman?

Emails are so important because that is your biggest form of communication with the people who CHOSE to hear from you. Think about it. On social media, a small fraction of your followers are seeing your posts and an even smaller fraction are even reading the whole thing. And a lot of business play the game wrong on social media. In this day and age EVERYONE is selling on social media. Like they say, the marketers ruin everything. Remember 7 years ago when Facebook was all about people posting genuine status updates? There wasn't all of these cries for attention, and idiotic mem's. And there was no one really SELLING anything. It was a nice community. 

Now everyone and their dog is selling something. And so many wreak of desperation. 

This is why good ol' email will still be one of the strongest methods of communication. Having a strong method to your communication system is key though. You NEVER want to abuse your email lists. Email is where you build that one on one relationship. Email is where you can offer exclusive updates, tips, and incredible value. 

Sometimes Facebook reminds me of this: I picture a room full of people including family, friends, "friends", previous customers, potential customers, and their circles. Everyone is talking amongst themselves and they're totally into their conversations. And then you come in. You walk around the room handing everyone your cheesy business card and never saying a word. Your business card has your contact information on it and a picture of a product you're really pushing. You never say, "Hi! How are you? Is there anything I can help you with?" to 95% of the people you walk up to. And the small percentage of people you do talk to have no clue what you do for a living nor do they care. 

You walk out of the room as fast as you can and you somehow expect a ton of sales to come in. 


Now what if you had a room full of people you had personally invited? What if everyone was there because you offered them a free goodie like a coupon, discount, an ebook, etc.? What if everyone who was standing there was anxiously waiting to see what you had to offer next? What if you had a group of people who just soaked up every word you wrote and spoke? Doesn't that sound much more meaningful? 

There is a way to do all of this. I created a free guide called Email Essentials Ensemble and if you haven't taken advantage of this yet, I highly recommend it. Everyone needs a list. Whether you sell online services or jewelry. You need one. That's all there is to it. I know how important it is for you, so that's why I'm giving it to you for free. Enjoy my loves.