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How to Get Your Act Together and Get Things Done

When you work from home, the best feeling ever is having a a clean and organized workspace where you feel like you can be creative and work as efficient as possible. It gets a little chaotic work from home though.

Random things end up on your desk. For me it's little toys, snacks, diapers, or sippy cups. When things get cluttered around me that's how my brain feels and that doesn't work to well. Especially when this is a one woman machine. And I know I'm not alone!

I created a challenge to help you GET IT TOGETHER! If you have kiddos at home, they'll be starting school again soon. And how nice would it be to just finally....have it together. 

I like to make lists and work in doable sets. I learned that tactic from my lovely grandma. So, I took that approach when I created this challenge. Each day is a new and totally doable assignment for you to get it together. 

By the time you're done with this challenge you are going to feel so amazing and proud of yourself! And it's only 5 days! I am super excited because this is not just a challenge you can and will do once. It's something you can come back to again and again when you need it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get it together!

How to Grow Your Business and Take Care of Your Family

Building a business from home can make you feel like you're constantly making choices. Choices like:

  • Should I clean out the dishwasher or write this blog post?
  • Should I throw the clothes in the dryer or finish this e-book?
  • Should I just go to bed for once or finish this book?

It's not an all or nothing arrangement, but it can sometimes feel like it. We have to make choices and a lot of the times, when we choose our work, we feel GUILT. We feel selfish and we feel like we're neglecting everyone by sitting in front of the computer. 

I don't feel guilty anymore. But, I used to. Here's why:

  • I didn't have set hours
  • I didn't have a structured plan
  • I had no boundaries with what I was creating

By not setting my hours I was working like a mad woman. From the time I was let off from my full-time job I was in my office working away. I was only taking breaks for dinner with the family and kiddo "emergencies." My only trigger to stop working was bedtime. On weekends I did the same thing. I worked. All. Day. 

What the heck was I working on? EVERYTHING! I was creating random content, hosting webinars, creating Facebook ads, networking, creating sales funnels, and a ton of other busy work. I had zero structure. If you asked me what I'm working on that week, I would have said, "everything!" Makes me cringe. 

When I finally SET MY HOURS and started to really think strategically on what I wanted my business to do for me the next year...well that's when shit got serious and the light finally appeared. 

It was such a relief to have a PLAN and to know exactly what I was going to focus on for a year. A year! That helped me zoom in and get into more detail about what I will do quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. 

So, now, when I get off work from my FT job I'll play with my daughter for a bit, clean up the kitchen, maybe call a family member for a quick chat, and then off to work I go. Let me tell you, this system has completely cleared my brain fog. I finally know EXACTLY what I have to do. If I get done early with what was on the agenda, great! I'll either move the next days up and get ahead or I'll just pat myself on the back, close the office door, and go enjoy my family.  

Be sure to get the planning system that I've created to help you do just this! 

How to get people to read your emails. And How to know when it's time to break it off.

How to get people to read your emails

I think I'm safe to assume that you have an email address. Right? You've signed up for those coupons, discounts, and sneak peaks online. You gave them your email address and boom! BFF's! But, do you  sometimes feel that the new BFF should take it down a notch. She's emailing (practically spamming) you every dang day. You don't even take the time to unsubscribe. You just feel it's faster to just delete daily and grumble about it.

EMMA New York, LLC

First off, just fricken unsubscribe. You aren't doing her any favors by never reading what she has to say. I wonder how long it took her to create that email. Yeah, it takes alot of time to put good ones together. So, if she's not speaking your language, then unsubscribe from that baby.

Yeah, she's gonna be a little sad. Yeah, she'll wonder, "I thought she like what I had to say?" And if she digs  even deeper into her ESP (email service provider) she'll find you never really were into her anyway. 

So let' s slip this. A good business woman, like you, is going to dig even deeper. Cause we like to dig! She's going to go into her campaigns and look at who really is interacting after they open. And are the emails even opened at all? 

When we send an email to our list, promoting a product we sell, our goal is to always get them to come out form their inbox and into our world. You should always be taking them on a lovely, easily traveled journey. Don't tell them, "go to my website and a the top, click on the button and then email me your name so I can..." Holy hassle batman. You are all about making this journey pleasant. Not giving them confusing directions with pitstops that lead to more challenges.

If your emails are taking your customer somewhere, where is it?

This can be done so easily.

  • Make your images clickable and hyperlink them to the final destination.
  • Hyperlink text-"Want your free sample?" So then all you have to is, you guessed it! Click on the text!
  • Have a consistent footer with all of your contact info.

If you have good open rates (30% is pretty good), but not good click rates, see if you're doing those things.

Is no one opening your emails? :( Those little.... We wonder, "well, why the heck did they sign up if they never read the emails that I'm painstakingly made? What's the point?" The point is, maybe we need to figure out when they stopped opening.

  • Did you send too much in one week?
  • Did they take them out of their inbox ever?
  • How are you subject lines?

If not one stinking email has been opened, they could be sitting in the dreaded spam/promo folder. Damn those folders. So, a crucial hint to your subscribers would be to tell them this, right off the bat, "Make sure you check your spam/promo folder!" You can put this on your opt. in page or the the thank you page that comes up after they subscribe.

But, before we start thinking, "Oh, they're not opening them because they're in the spam folder! I knew I was perfect!" Yeah, you're not. Sorry. Pretend you're her and walk through your steps.

  • Is it easy?
  • Am I getting something valuable in return?
  • Are the emails spaced out appropriately?
  • Are there opportunities for interaction?
  • Do I get to leave the inbox and go somewhere amazing and helpful?

Treat it llike any good relationship. Give, give, give, take them somewhere nice,and maybe you'll get some love back. Yes, I'm completely aware of how that just sounded.

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