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My new motto: Stop drifting. Unearth your mission. And what it means.

My new motto: Stop drifting. Unearth your mission. And what it means.

I was thinking real deep one day.  It happens once every 32 years. About my business and how much it's changed since I very first started over five years ago. What a roller coaster it's been. Well, actually I've never been on a roller coaster. And I don't plan on it either. But, I know there have been alot of ups and downs and huge twists and turns. HUGE. If you would have told me 5 years ago, while I was writing my healthy lifestyle and fitness blog (it's gone-don't even look for it) that I would be here. Doing this. Building an actual BRAND. Working with people who I love. I would have laughed and thought, "No way!" 

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So, let me tell you about my new motto. When I thought of it, I smiled and said, "YES!" out loud. I even wrote it down dozens of times because I loved how it looked on paper too. So inspiring. This motto brings me to another big turn in my business. And that's why it's so big. Let me explain further.

Stop drifting. This is a powerful phrase. You can use it for anything. I'm going to speak to my business chicks here though. Say it again. Out loud. Stop drifting. So good. This is what I want that phrase to do to you.

Focus. As an entrepreneur you have a million ideas drifting back and forth in your head. One minute you want to do this. One minute you want to do that. And you keep drifting because you're never giving your idea a chance. You're never pulling it fully out of the water. Think of all of the ideas you have swimming around in your head. You think of a couple to grab and you struggle tugging them out of the water because it's just too much. The ideas are too big. So you attempt to grab 2, maybe 5, ideas at one time and you half assly (its a word I checked) get them out of the water and you drift around with them. You're not really going anywhere. Just drifting further and further away from your goals.

One idea is keeping you afloat. The others you're kind of struggling with and it's hard for you to give them your full attention and keep them alive. In the meantime you're exhausting yourself trying to keep YOURSELF and your business alive. You're not even realizing WHY you can barely swim anymore. And then you're wondering (as you're treading water for dear life) "why the hell isn't anyone paying attention to me?! Can't they see how hard I'm working? Can't they see all that I've done?"

They can't. Because you're drifting so far out there. Holding onto to too many things! Tell me the truth. How many ideas for your business do you have right now? Do you work on each idea a little bit every day? Is that working for you? That's why I want you to stop drifting. Let go of all of the ideas, but one. Don't worry, they will still be in your ocean when you need one. But you just need to hang onto one of them. When you decide which idea you're going to grab from the water you're going to swim to shore with it. And you're going to swim with ease and determination. Because you've picked a goody! You've picked something you've been dying to work on FOREVER.

Now what? Unearth your mission. You've hit the ground with your idea and now you're going to dig even deeper. What's your mission? Before you dig into that, you need to look at a couple of things first. These points are extremely crucial when it comes to developing a product or service. Anytime you drag that idea to shore, go through this list and write down your answers. This will not only help you create more thoroughly but it will get to the people who truly need you the most. 

  • Who is your idea for? 
  • Why do they need this?
  • Why would they think they think need this? 
  • What do you think is their biggest struggle?
  • Have you been through this yourself?
  • Is this the solution that will pull them out of their funk?

Once you have all of these questions answered, your mission is easier and more clear. You unearthed your mission by truly digging deeper into who you're helping and why you're helping them. 

It's not enough to lifestyle blog anymore. It's not enough to just talk AT people. There's too many people out there doing that. The white noise is overwhelming. The easiest way to stand out right now is to solve problems for people who are wearing the shoes you wore five years ago. 

And don't shortchange yourself. We all have someone we could help. I'm serious. Dig deep. I mean DEEP. Once you find that icky spot that you've fought and fought through and you know how to get out of it and reach the top, that's it. That's what you're going to focus on. That's what your mission is. Accept it and then give back.